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Michael Anthony Steele (born February 2, 1968) was a former advertiser, creative consultant and writer for Barney & Friends. Following his time on Barney & Friends, Steele continues to be a writer on various published children's books.


Barney & Friends[]


After the production of the production of Wishbone ended, a children's television series owned by Lyrick Studios, Steele stayed with Lyrick and worked on marketing and copy work for the Wishbone brand. While doing advertising for Wishbone, it led into Steele doing advertising for Barney & Friends.[2]


Following his time advertising and being a creative consultant for Barney & Friends, Steele became a series writer for Barney & Friends starting with season seven. Since becoming a writer for Barney & Friends, Steele no longer had to pitch a spec script for the show. Steele was a writer for Barney & Friends until it went on hiatus.


Barney & Friends[]

  1. "Play for Exercise!" (writer)
  2. "Numbers! Numbers!" (writer)
  3. "This Way In! This Way Out!" (writer)
  4. "My Family and Me" (writer)
  5. "Sharing Is Caring!" (writer)
  6. "It's Hot! It's Cold!" (writer)
  7. "Day and Night" (writer)
  8. "A Picture of Friendship" (writer)
  9. "Let's Go For A Ride!" (writer)
  10. "Let's Make Music!" (writer)
  11. "Movin' Along" (writer)
  12. "A Wonderful World of Colors and Shapes" (writer)
  13. "Airplanes" (writer)
  14. "Boats" (writer)
  15. "Shapes" (writer)
  16. "Colors" (Writer)
  17. "Rabbits" (writer)
  18. "Ducks and Fish" (writer)
  19. "China" (writer)
  20. "Kenya" (writer)
  21. "Litterbot" (writer)
  22. "The Wind and the Sun" (writer)
  23. "The Nature of Things" (writer)
  24. "For the Fun of It" (writer)
  25. "The Princess and the Frog" (writer)
  26. "Way to Go!: A Travel Adventure" (writer)
  27. "¡Ahora Mismo!: Spain" (writer)

  1. Barney's Night Before Christmas (Co-writer/Producer for National TV Spot)[3]
  2. Barney's Rhyme Time Rhythm (Co-writer/Producer for National TV Spot)
  3. Come on Over to Barney's House (creative consultant)
  4. Let's Go to the Zoo (creative consultant)
  5. Barney Songs from the Park (writer, new material)
  6. Now I Know My ABCs (writer, alongside Cheryl Ammeter)
  7. Barney's Animal ABC's (writer, new material)
  8. Hi! I'm Riff! (writer, new material)
  9. Barney's Top 20 Countdown (writer, new material)

  1. Barney's Colorful World! (contributed for intermission)

  1. "The Sharing Hen" (co-written with Bob Singleton)


  • In the episode "Puppy Love", Steele makes a cameo walking a bunch of chihuahuas. He played as a guy named "Mr. Steele" (reference to his last name), whom BJ mentioned.


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