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[[File:GaitAndBarney - Version 3.JPG|thumb|224x224px|Gaitley Mathews as Monty the Mountie in What a World We Share.]]
'''Monty the Mountie '''was a Canadian Mountie that only appeared in the
Barney Home Video '''[[What a World We Share]]'''
(also known as '''Around the World''' in
the UK and Australia), which was released March 9, 1999. He was portrayed by
[[Gaitley Mathews]].
* Since he only appeared in What a World We Share, he never made an appearance with [ Kim], [ Jeff], [ Chip], [ Ashley], her twin sister [ Alissa], [ Linda], [ Emily], [ Hannah], [ Stephen], [ Curtis], [ Mr. Boyd], or [ Stella the Storyteller].
*[[What a World We Share]] (1999)
[[Category:Human Characters]]
[[Category:Human Characters]]

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