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Moonkin is a friendly green alien that lives on the Moon. He only appeared in Three Wishes. He communicates in synthesized sounds performed on a synthesizer.


Moonkin was born at Moon Dust Hospital in Craterville, a city on the Moon. He is three-and-a-half light years old, and enjoys catching moonbeams and playing pat-a-cake.



  • Moonkin was designed by Jamie Ruth Conner, who also designed Barney; Moonkin's costume was then contracted to a California costume firm to build.
  • Nome had to perform Moonkin on her knees due to the costume’s size.
  • Moonkin is friends with "the cow who jumped over the Moon".
  • His favorite foods are Moon Pies and "green cheese".
  • Moonkin's most admired person is Neil Armstrong, as he was Moonkin's first moonly visitor.