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Mother Goose Collection is a Barney Home Video that was released on DVD on March 15, 2011. It is a re-release of Barney's Rhyme Time Rhythm.

Music and CD

Mother Goose Collection CD.

The home video included a bonus music CD that contained five songs from the video. Distributed by HIT Entertainment and Lionsgate the CD is nine minutes and thirty-eight seconds long. The CD contained the following songs:

  1. The Land of Mother Goose
  2. Mother Goose's Sheep Medley
  3. I'm Mother Goose
  4. Mother Goose's Tea Party Medley
  5. Old King Cole




  • This home video also included the bonus coloring book, Barney's Alphabet Fun with Mother Goose.
  • While the Tracks still have the vocals by Barney, the kids and Mother Goose, the vocals from Baby Bop and BJ were removed from the final two tracks in the CD Version.