Mr. Brantley is a character played by Steve Jones. He appeared in the Barney franchise from 2003 - 2009.


Mr. Brantley is the ice cream vendor man who comes to park selling ice cream to everyone. He is always seen with his ice cream cart.


He's is seen wearing his signature red cap with the a blue shirt with a striped apron. On his shirt is a red bow tie. At the bottom, he is seen wearing khaki pants with black shoes. Starting with "Let's Go on Vacation", his signature outfit was soon changed to a green cap with a bit more darker blue shirt. The bow tie is pink and the apron is given a more candy shop tone. The khaki pants remained the same but the shoes are now brown.




  1. It's Hot! It's Cold! (first appearance)
  2. Summer
  3. Careers
  4. Dino-Mite Birthday
  5. The New Kid
  6. The Awful Tooth
  7. The Blame Game
  8. Celebrating Around The World
  9. Let's Go on Vacation
  10. Bienvenido, Barney: Mexico (last appearance)
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