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Mr. Peekaboo, appearing in A Day in the Park with Barney attraction.

Mr. Peekaboo was a character who was a good friend with Barney. He was seen everyday at Universal Orlando Resort at the attraction A Day in the Park with Barney until its closure in 2021. Mr. Peekaboo had also made an appearance in the book Barney's Happy Valentine's Day. It was unknown who the actors who've played him are.


Mr. Peekaboo's full name was Patrick Aloysius Bartholomew, but he mostly went by Peekaboo. Mr. Peekaboo's name was the same as his favorite game which is Peekaboo. Accordingly, he was very child-like and curious. He liked many things and had a house with lots of doors. As seen in A Day in the Park with Barney, he could be forgetful at times but had a bird friend named Bartholomew. Peekaboo was also married to Mrs. Peekaboo. His theme song was none other than "Peekaboo's Song".


Mr. Peekaboo could always be seen with a brown cap on. He was mostly known for always wearing a green stripped shirt with a yellow stripped vest on the outside, and outside of that, he always wore his red jacket. Mr. Peekaboo was always seen with blue and white shoes with khaki pants. His facial appearance was a white mustache with big white hair and glasses.