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Mr. Toodles and the Spooky Old House is a story in "Grandparents Are Grand! (1993)" and "Love To Read, With Barney."


And now, Radio PRNY Presents: Imagination Theater. Today's story, "Mr. Toodles and the Spooky Old House".

One bright sunny morning, Mr. Toodles stepped outside. "Diddly dum diddly dee dee dum dum diddly diddly dum dum diddly dum." It was a beautiful day and he could hear lots of birds. He walked to his mailbox and found something inside. He tore open the letter and he read these words. "Tonight, come to the spooky old house and you'll get a big surprise." "Ooh."

When, the night was deep and dark Mr. Toodles went to the spooky old house. "Oh, it's big and dark and spooky." By the light of the moon. He could see the trees blowing in the wind and far away. He could hear the storm. "Uh oh. I guess I'd better go inside."

Mr. Toodles walked right up and opened the door, and then because it was very dark. He steps carefully inside. "MEOW!" "Oh-Oh, sorry, kitty. I didn't mean to scare you." Mr. Toodles looked all around. But, he didn't find a big surprise. So, he started to climb the stairs. And when he got to the top of the stairs in this spooky old house. He opened another door and inside he saw.

"Why, it's a surprise party will all of my very best friends."

And so, Mr. Toodles had oodles of fun with his friends. Which brings us to the end of Imagination Theater. Thanks for listening!