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Natalia is a character who appeared in one Barney & Friends episode in Season 13 of Barney & Friends. Even though, she was only in one Barney & Friends episode, she has been revealed about her in home videos and featurettes. She was played by Montse Hernandez.

About Natalia

  • Family: She has a younger brother.
  • Food: Her favorite ice cream flavor is peach.
  • She is of Mexican descent like Gianna, Luci, Tina, Robert, Carlos, and Juan thus she can speak/sing fluent Spanish.
  • She wants to be a scientist.
  • Her favorite number is 3.
  • In the summer, she likes jumping rope.


Season 13

  1. The Good Egg: Kenya

Home Videos

  1. Let's Play Outside
  2. A-Counting We Will Go


  1. Spanish Sing-Alongs
  2. Let's Make Animal Puppets!
  3. Grow Your Own Garden