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On Location All Around Town
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Video Game
Released 2000
Developer ImaginEngine Corp.
Magellan Interactive, Inc.
Publisher Hasbro Interactive
Platform Windows
Genre Adventure
Preceded by Barney's Magical Music
Succeeded by The Land of Make-Believe

On Location All Around Town is a video game that was released in 2000 by Hasbro Interactive.


This game is based on the American television show Barney & Friends, starring the titular anthropomorphic purple dinosaur. The players can explore the world with not only Barney, but with BJ and Baby Bop, accessing locales from the show such as the bakery.

It is also possible to play twelve different mini-games and activities witch are complete with lots of magical surprises in store for the player.

Characters / Cast

Songs Featured

(This song list is might incomplete and out of order)


Box Art



Barney- On Location All Around Town (Trailer)


  • This was the last Barney Video Game to be in CGI.
  • During the credits, Tim Dever is incorrectly credited as "Tim Denver".