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"On the Move" is the eighth episode of the third season of Barney & Friends.


Min arrives and gives Barney, Kathy, and Tosha news that Derek and Tina are coming back for a visit, and they decide to make them a special memory book as a going away gift but Barney has a surprise addition in an envelope he wants to add to the memory book. Meanwhile, a new boy named Kenneth is sad about missing his old friends and is nervous that he won't have new friends until he meets BJ, who gives him advice to help him feel better, and later, he takes Kenneth down to meet Barney, Kathy, Tosha, and Min. After finishing the memory book, Barney hides to add his surprise to the memory book. After Barney hides, Derek and Tina arrive and they are introduced to Kenneth and explains what it's like to be going to a new school. Barney jumps out and he gives the duo their gift and reveals that the addition he included were photographs of scenes from episodes of season two. The group takes one last photograph with Derek and Tina and Barney gives the photo to Kenneth to include in the memory book his new friends had made for him.


  1. "Barney Theme Song"
  2. "Diez Amigos"
  3. "Lookin' Round My Neighborhood"
  4. "Kookaburra"
  5. "The Barney Bag"
  6. "The Friendship Song"
  7. "The Rocket Song"
  8. "I Like Autumn"
  9. "Oh, We Came Back"
  10. "Our New School"
  11. "I Love You"


Home media

This episode was released on VHS on August 8, 1995 as Making New Friends.


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