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Barney & Friends Episode
Our Earth, Our Home
Season 1, Episode 14
Air date April 23, 1992
Written by Mark S. Bernthal
Directed by Jim Rowley
Theme Ecology
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"Our Earth, Our Home" is the fourteenth episode of the first season of Barney & Friends.


The kids are cleaning up the playground and Michael and Tina turn it into a bit of a game. Barney comes to life and joins them. Luci meets up with the others, with a sore eye, and Derek explains to Barney that it's Earth Week at school and Tina explains more about it. This leads to Barney and the kids to explore ways to protect the earth including making musical instruments out of recyclable items, making three-cornered hats out of newspaper, and performing skits about preserving resources and reusing things. They even act out the story of Johnny Appleseed.

Stories: Johnny Appleseed


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Clean Up
  3. Help Protect the Earth
  4. Silly Symphony
  5. My Aunt Came Back
  6. My Hat, It Has Three Corners
  7. Brushing My Teeth
  8. Simple and Beautiful a Rainbow
  9. Over in the Meadow
  10. And the Green Grass Grows All Around
  11. I Love You


  • Paintings of rainbows from "The Treasure of Rainbow Beard" are used in this episode.
  • Barney breaks the fourth wall when he introduces the Silly Symphony.
  • Despite learning about recycling in Rock with Barney, Tina asks about it again in this episode. 

International Edits

  • In the Korean production Baniwa Chingudeul, "My Aunt Came Back" was not sung, rather cutting to a cast member making three-cornered hats out of newspapers, probably due to time constraints.