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Our Silly Book

The Front Book Cover of Our Silly Book

Our Silly Book is an original Barney story that was only told in "Picture This!". It was written by Barney, and illustrated by Tosha, Julie, Shawn and Michael.


Once upon a time, there was an elephant, a baby elephant named Andrew. Even though he was a baby, Andrew was big and has a very long trunk. Everyday, Andrew played with his friend Edward the Monkey. Edward loved to eat bananas. He would peel them slowly and then gobbled them up as quickly as you can say banana.

Sometimes, Edward wasn't careful on where he threw his banana peels and Andrew would slip on them. One day, Andrew came upon some beautiful flowers. They were red and blue and yellow and orange and purple and lots of pretty colors! Andrew decided to pick the flowers and carry them home to his mother, carrying them in his trunk. On the way home, a beautiful butterfly spotted the flowers that Andrew was carrying home to his mother. The butterfly wanted to smell the flowers. So she landed on Andrew's trunk. But her wings tickled his nose and that made him sneeze! Ah-Ah-CHOO!


Suddenly, Andrew was sad. He sneezed so hard that all the flowers he was carrying in his trunk were blown away to the sky. Andrew then went home and told his mother what happened. She just smiled and looked up to the sky. Up above them was a beautiful rainbow! It had all the colors of the flowers that Andrew had blown into the sky when he sneezed. His mother loved that rainbow. So, everytime you see a rainbow, you'll know that somewhere, a baby elephant was carrying flowers back home to his mother and accidently sneezed them all into the sky!

Andrew & Edward

Andrew & Edward


  • Andrew The Baby Elephant
  • Edward The Monkey
  • Beautiful Butterfly
  • Andrew's Mother