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PBS Kids is a channel where Barney & Friends formerly aired.


Along with the block of programming on PBS, PBS Kids was a separate television network, founded as PTV in July 1994, and was targeted to children four to seven years old. The PBS Kids Channel ran for six years and was largely funded by DirecTV. The channel ceased broadcast on September 26, 2005, in favor of a new commercial joint venture, PBS Kids Sprout (now Universal Kids), which is a partnership owned by Comcast.

About half of PBS TV stations still program a children's channel themselves over their multicasting service. On PBS, two blocks of programming are currently included in PBS Kids: PBS Kids Go! and the PBS Kids Preschool Block. The former block, PBS Kids Bookworm Bunch, was launched in 2000 and canceled in 2005.

Barney & Friends


For the broadcast history prior to the launch of PBS Kids, see: PBS


  • When Barney & Friends Broadcasting rights expired on PBS Stations in 2016, it was removed from the PBS Kids Lineup. Since then, only the 2001 website remained from the PBS Kids website and that's the grownup website of the PBS Kids page.
  • Dino-Mite Birthday also aired on the network, but it is currently unknown when this special aired unlike the other direct-to-video Barney releases that formerly aired with their original airdates.
  • An advertisement promoting the seventh series being aired on television was included on the video release of Barney's Christmas Star before the start of the program. However, since that video was originally made before that season was produced, it was released during the time episodes from that season were aired.
  • HIT Entertainment released four Barney videos in 2003 which contained the PBS Kids funding for each one as well as the Barney Says closing segment and the ending intervals compared to their original television airings.
  • Barney's Jungle Friends aired on the network, making it the only other direct-to-video special to air on television before it was officially given its own video release with the first one being Imagination Island which originally aired on NBC in 1994.
  • When seasons seven and eight originally aired, it would usually contain the Barney Says closing segment like the first six seasons did including the ending intervals. During reruns when season nine began airing, it was replaced by a different segment named Barney... A Helping Hand for Growing Children and the intervals were removed given the fact of how they were never used or seen again since then.
    • However, the Barney Says segment from those said seasons were formerly seen during reruns when the show originally aired on Sprout but the ending intervals were removed. The segment also remained intact when the first six seasons of the show aired on said network.
      • When the segment returned during season twelve after it was given a temporary hiatus after the eighth season finished airing, it was only broadcasted on PBS and never seen on any other network station.
  • Since Seasons thirteen and fourteen were originally produced in the 16:9 widescreen format after the 4:3 full screen format was no longer used after the twelfth season, episodes from those seasons would usually be aired in either one of those formats, cropped to an aspect ratio.
  • Season fourteen was the only season of Barney & Friends to showcase the PBS Kids website during the end credits as well as the only one to be aired on the network since it was never shown on Sprout or Universal Kids unlike the other seasons.


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