Official Barney Pillow Pet

Pillow Pets are plush pillows, often shaped like animals or famous characters, that can turn into regular plush toys and vise versa. They were made by CJ Products. In 2011, a Barney Pillow Pet was released, but wasn't available in many retailers, making him rare.

Counterfeit Pillow Pets

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A fake version of the Barney Pillow Pet. Notice the Fisher-Price tag

While the originals are hard to find, fake Barney Pillow Pets are easily available on eBay. The differences are:

  • Official Pillow Pets will have a stitched tag on the bottom of one of its legs that says either "My Pillow Pets" or simply Pillow Pets. The fake ones lack this.
  • Official Barney Pillow Pets will have a tag noting it as a Pillow Pet and will also contain Barney's picture. Most fake versions use a Fisher-Price tag instead.
  • Most fake Barney pillow pets have no tail.
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