Play Along Barney Box

Play Along Barney In His Box

Play Along Barney is a 1998 talking interactive Barney plush by Playskool. It originally retailed for around $24.99


There are three different stages in which the toy may be played with:

Stage 1 - For children aged approximately 12-24 Months

Stage 2 - For children aged approximately 2-3 Years

Stage 3 - For children aged approximately 3+ Years

Withinthese stages, Barney plays a varitey of games like "Barney Says", "Counting", and "Singing".


When the buttons of the plush are pressed, Barney will say these phrases:

  • "Hello again, to all my friends"
  • "Squeeze the heart on my hand to play 'Barney Says'"
  • "Let's count"
  • "Let's sing"
  • "Can you tell what makes this sound?"
  • "Squeeze my hand"
  • "So long!"


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