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"Play Ball!" is the tenth episode from fourth season of Barney & Friends.


Barney shows the children his new "Vend-O-Ball" machine. When a button is pushed, it dispenses a variety of balls. Barney tells the children not to push the red button it's not working properly. Barney and the children do warm-up exercises with balls. They are joined by Baby Bop, who wants to play ball games, too. The Vend-O-Ball allows the group to share a giant cage ball, try some bowling, and even do a bit of miniature golfing! But when Barney and the children are busy elsewhere, Scooter talks to Baby Bop into pushing the red button… and colorful chaos ensues!


  1. "Barney Theme Song"
  2. "Let's Play Together"
  3. "When You Have a Ball"
  4. "The Exercise Song"
  5. "Roll, Roll, Roll the Ball'
  6. "Share Your Stuff"
  7. "In and Out the Windmill"
  8. "Clean Up"
  9. "I Love You"


International edits[]

"Roll, Roll, Roll the Ball" was shortened to two verses for international airings.


  • This episode marked:
    • The first time Keesha and Hannah appeared together.
    • The first appearance of Danny.
    • The final episode appearance of the 1996 Baby Bop costume.


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