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Playskool is an American company that produces educational toys and games for children. It is a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc., and is headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.




In December 1992, Hasbro announced that it would introduce Barney toys through its Playskool line in February 1993[2] given that the company was awarded the license to produce products based on Barney & Friends. In March 1993, it was confirmed that Playskool would launch a new toy line starring Talking Barney.[3] Capitalizing on the success of products based on Barney & Friends, Playskool continued to create and announce new products.[4] In 1994, Playskool suffered in sales due to The Lyons Group overselling it's license on Barney & Friends, causing over saturation in the market with Barney products. Alan Hassenfeld, who was the Hasbro CEO at the time, was undeterred by the fall in sales,[5] and Playskool continued to release Barney products until Hasbro lost the Barney toy license deal in February 2001.[6][7]






Barney & Friends[]


Image Name Date Description
Barney's Animal Keyboard
Barney's Animal Keyboard 1993 Barney's friendly voice guides children so they can have musical fun, learn about animal sounds and create their own songs with this electronic, 8-note keyboard! Any way they use it, it's "Super-dee-duper" fun! This product also came with a songbook.



Barney & Baby Bop's Fun Time
Barney & Baby Bop's fun times 1993 Distributed by Playskool, this book is machine washable. This soft book details various types of times of the day with Barney and Baby Bop, including bedtime, breakfast time and playtime.


Barney Busy Beads
Barney Busy Beads 1993 Based on an existing well-known toy, which is also known as a bead maze, this version features the characters of Barney and Baby Bop.
Barney Musical Walk 'n Ride
Barney Musical Walk 'n Ride 1993 Take Barney and Baby Bop along for a ride on this colorful, free-rolling vehicle from Playskool! It's a walker for toddlers, a ride-on for preschoolers and Stu-u-u-pendous fun for everyone! A light-up carousel plays Barney's theme song as Barney and Baby Bop go 'round and 'round! Also includes a working steering wheel with a squeaker horn and a special underseat storage compartment for toys! With the Musical Walk 'n Ride, the good times roll on and on!


Barney Play-Box
Barney Play-Box 1993 A stu-u-u-pendous set of PLAY-DOH modeling compound and accessories in a self-latching storage came! Contains two book molds to make standing figures of Barney and Baby Bop. Eight fun cookie cutter shapes, color playmat and some of course some PLAY-DOH.
Barney Spin Around Train
Barney Spin Around Train 1993 Featuring Barney and Baby Bop figures, load them aboard the train and watch it spin around as the button is pressed. As it spins around, a bell dings.
Barney Talking Phone 1993 The Barney Talking Phone was one of many toy phones to be released with Barney theming. This phone is equipped with eight sayings from Barney and Baby Bop.
Mini Poppin' Pals (Front)
Mini Poppin' Pals 1993 Three easy-to-activate pop-up surprises!
  • PULL the lever...Barney pops up!
  • PRESS the squeaker button to see Baby Bop!
  • SLIDE the lever and Barney appears!
Talking Barney 1993 Talking Barney was a doll created by Greg Hyman and distributed by Playskool. It was released in 1993, and became one of the biggest-selling toys during the holiday season.
Image Name Date Description
Barney's Musical Baton
Barney's Musical Baton 1994 Join Barney in a magical, musical parade of fun! This colorful baton plays six Barney melodies including the "Barney Theme Song". Kids just press the button and wave the baton...when they stop waving the baton, the music stops automatically! Batteries were included with the product.
Talk 'n Dress Baby Bop
Talk'n Dress Baby Bop 1994 Talk'n Dress Baby Bop is capable of repeating seven different special phrases. To hear a phrase, one simply has to squeeze or hug Baby Bop's tummy.


  • This is fun (giggle)
  • Please button my vest
  • Can You Buckle My Shoes?
  • Will you zip up my pocket?
  • Snap, my bracelet please
  • I'm Baby Bop. I like playing with you.
  • Thank You for helping me.
Barney & Baby Bop Water Pals 1994 Wearing their favorite swimsuits, Barney, Baby Bop and BJ are ready for some splashing fun in the tub! These soft, floatable friends love to play in the bath or at the beach, and make great take-along friends out of the water, too!

Each cuddly character features an attached loop that fits around bathroom fixtures for easy drying. With Barney and Baby Bop, bathtime is a stu-u-u-pendous time!
Barney & Baby Bop's Weather Book
Barney & Baby Bop's Weather Book 1994 Distributed by Playskool, this book is machine washable. This soft book details various types of weather with Barney and Baby Bop.


Barney Funtime Trike
Funtime Trike 1994 Join that loveable dinosaur, Barney, on the free-rolling Funtime Trike from Playskool! This sleek, sturdy cycle offers two ways to ride - as foot-to-floor vehicle for beginners, and a pedal-powered trike for more experienced riders. Includes a special storage trunk for toys with a clicking key to lift open the door. There's a lot to like about having a trike...especially when Barney comes along for the ride!


Barney Sounds Around
Barney Sounds Around 1994 (unreleased) Just turn the pointer to one of the pictures and pull the handle down. You'll hear a vehicle sound and Barney and Baby Bop will say which vehicle makes that sound. There are twelve fun phrases and many special sounds in all! This toy is meant for ages 1 1/2 and up.
Image Name Date Description
BJ Water Pal (1995)
BJ Water Pal 1995 Wearing his favorite swimsuit, BJ is ready for some splashing fun in the tub! This soft, floatable friend love to play in the bath or at the beach, and make great take-along friends out of the water, too!

The third character to be added to the "Water Pals" lineup, following Barney & Baby Bop, each cuddly character features an attached loop that fits around bathroom fixtures for easy drying. With Barney, Baby Bop and BJ, bathtime is a stu-u-u-pendous time!
BJ Talk n Dress
Talk 'N Dress BJ 1995 Talk 'N Dress BJ was a doll created to teach a child to dress themselves. Press his stomach and says various phrases.


  • Please tie my shoes
  • Help me zip my jacket
  • Let's play baseball!
  • Will you snap the pocket of my jacket?
  • (Whistle) I am BJ, your pal!
Image Name Date Description
Bathtub Toys
Bathtub Toys 1996
  • Floating toys for water play!
  • Released individually as well as in two-pack sets (Barney and Baby Bop or Barney and BJ).
Barney Figure Gift Pack
Figure Gift Pack 1996 Laugh, dream and play with Barney, Baby Bop and BJ! This great gift pack includes three colorful figures of your favorite dinosaur pals!
I Can Dress Barney (1996)
I Can Dress Barney 1996 Dress Barney for all four seasons with easy-on outfits!
  • EASY TO DRESS!: Snap-on clothing- easy for little hands!
  • EASY TO CARRY!: Built in storage for portability!
  • Includes ten pieces of snap-on clothing!
Barney Pop-Up Playmat (front)
Pop-Up Playmat 1996 Let's go camping! Fabric play mat has a colorful camping scene and soft pop-up accessories for 3-D fun. Dress the soft Barney figure in his hat and life jacket when he goes fishing in the boat. He can relax under the tree or take an afternoon nap in the tent. the mat easily folds up for portable camping adventures!


1996 Talking Barney
Talking Barney 1996 A re-release of the original 1993 Talking Barney
Treehouse Playset
Treehouse Playset 1996 Tree magically "grows" when you make the elevator go up!
  • INCLUDES: tree, wall, long fence, short fence, two curtains, two window shutters, tire swing, Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, and label sheet.


Image Name Date Description
Barney Magnetic Capital Letters
Barney Magnetic Capital Letters 1997 Colored in purple, green and yellow, this product contains:
  • Three magnetic versions of Barney, BJ and Baby Bop each.
  • Contains letters A-Z.
  • Contains numbers 1 to 9.
  • Contains the mathematical symbols of addition, division, subtraction, multiplication and equal to.
Farm Playset 1997 It's fun on the farm with Barney and his friends!
  • Comes with Barney, Baby Bop and BJ figures.
  • Drop figures down from silo.
  • Wide-open play area.
  • Let figures ride on the roll-along tractor!
  • Turn the crank to lift hay or barrel up to the hayloft!
  • Horse and cow have poseable legs.
Movin' Fun Airplane 1997 Prepare for take off with your favorite purple pal!
Barney Musical Jack-in-the-Box (1997)
Musical Jack-in-the-Box 1997 Turn the crank for a fun surprise...and up pops Barney before your eyes! This product is an updated version of the Barney Jack-in-the-Box from Kid Dimension in 1993.
Image Name Date Description
Song Magic Banjo July 15, 1998 Your little one can press one of the two buttons then wave his or her hand in the center of the banjo to "play" along to favorite children's songs.  Some songs included are "Old MacDonald Had a Farm", "BINGO", and the "Barney Theme Song".

Trivia: This toy was awarded the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio's Platinum and SNAP (Special Needs Adaptable Product) Awards[8]

Barney's World Playset
Barney's World 1998 Playset includes a barn, farmhouse and action figures of Barney, Baby Bop and BJ.
Barnyard Barney
Barnyard Barney 1998 Playset comes with tractor and trailor with free rolling wheels, trough, pigs, Barney and Baby Bop figures.
Collectible Figures 1998 Collectible figures of Barney, BJ and Baby Bop.
Dress Me Barney (plush)
Dress Me Barney 1998 Learning to dress with Barney is fun!
  • Buckle the suspender
  • Snap the flap
  • Zip and unzip the front pocket
  • Button the pocket
Fun Tunes Radio
Fun Tunes Radio 1998 Fun Tunes Radio plays sixteen fun songs! Babies simply press the musical notes to play the tunes! Toy contains a click antenna, an easy-to-hold carrying handle and an easy-to-press button!

Songs include:

Hide 'n Seek Twinken the dream maker
Hide 'n Seek Twinken the dream maker 1998 The electronic game of Hide 'n Seek Twinken is lost! Follow the chattering sounds to win the game!
  • LISTEN for the special chattering sounds and LOOK for the hiding place...
  • HIDE Twinken the dream maker in a special place while no one is looking...
  • FIND Twinken and you win the game!


Hug 'n Glow Twinken
Hug 'n Glow Twinken 1998 A friendly hug makes Twinken the dream maker's face glow with light! Soft, cuddly Twinken is easy to squeeze for glowing fun!


Barney - Super Playset
Super Playset 1998 Come play with Barney, Baby Bop and BJ in this special playset filled with thirteen pieces of fun! Open up the house and barn and see what's going on inside - and out! Ride around the farm in the tractor, check the chicken coop for eggs--maybe one is about to hatch! Don't forget tonight's secret meeting at the clubhouse. After such a hectic day, it's off to bed for a good night's rest, before it's time to do it all over again!


  • House and barn playset
  • Ride-in tractor
  • Chicken coop
  • Nest with baby chick
  • Clubhouse
  • Slide
  • Two beds
  • Two blankets
  • Two pillows
  • Barney, Baby Bop and BJ figures.
Twinken, The Dream Maker 1998 He's here to help you see your dreams more clearly!
Twinken Water Pal
Twinken Water Pal 1998 Wearing his favorite swimsuit, Twinken is ready for some splashing fun in the tub! This soft, floatable friend loves to play in the bath or at the beach, and make great take-along friends out of the water, too!

This cuddly character features an attached loop that fits around bathroom fixtures for easy drying. Twinken was added to the Water Pals lineup in 1998 to coincide with the release of Barney's Great Adventure, making him the fourth and final character in the lineup following Barney, Baby Bop and BJ.
Image Name Date Description
Play Along Barney Box
Play Along Barney 1999 Barney plays and sings along, and has three different stages for a learning child.
Pop-Up Stacker
Pop-Up Stacker 1999 The Pop-Up Stacker has a very special surprise! When kids stack the four colorful sections...Barney pops out of the top!
  • Four fun shapes to stack and sort.
  • Stacker rocks back and forth.
  • Helps develop hand/eye coordination and recognition skills.
  • For ages nine months and up.
Sing 'N Strum Barney 1999

1999 Sears Wishbook advertisement.

Sing 'N Strum Barney is a doll in which Barney plays the banjo. He sits about 12.5" high and has an overall length of approximately 15.75". Simply press the musical note on his banjo and Barney starts to sing while his right arm strums on the string-less banjo. He has eight different songs in his repertoire.


  1. "Yankee Doodle"
  2. "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
  3. "London Bridge"
  4. "The Alphabet Song"
  5. "BINGO"
  6. "I Love You"
  7. "Mexican Hat Dance"
  8. "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

Original retail price: $34.99
Voice: Bob West

Barney Song Magic Bongos
Song Magic Bongos 1999 Magically play songs when you tap the bongo drums!
Barney Song Magic Tambourine
Song Magic Tambourine 1999 Magically play songs when you shake the tambourine! Press the musical note, then shake or tap the tambourine to play a tune! This toy plays eight songs. Songs included are "I Love You", "Barney Theme Song", "Down By the Station", "If You're Happy and You Know It", "The More We Get Together", "Mexican Hat Dance", "BINGO", "Pop Goes the Weasel".
Twinkle 'n Dream Barney
Twinkle 'n Dream Barney 1999
Twinkle n Dream in box BarneyOnline

Twinkle 'n Dream Barney in-box from BarneyOnline

Twinkle 'n Dream Barney helps children get ready for for sleep with calming phrases, soothing music and twinkling lights.


Image Name Date Description
e-Specially My Barney 2000 Upon accessing the website, this Barney plush can download content like activities, songs, and stories directly from the internet.
Barney Song Magic Cymbals
Song Magic Cymbals 2000 It's musical, magic fun when you join Barney's Marching Band and play the Song Magic Cymbals! Strike up the band!
  • Slide hands into handles, clap cymbals together to start the music.
  • Clap cymbals together again to hear a cymbal sound
  • Automatic shut-off.
Barney Song Magic Guitar
Song Magic Guitar 2000 Press the Barney button, then wave your hand in the center of the guitar to make music play! To change songs at any time, press the Barney button. Slide the "whammy" bar to make a fun "wah-wah" sound! Songs included are "I Love You", "The Dino Dance", "Blue Jay Blues", "A Rock N Roll Star" and "The Wanderer".


Barney Song Magic Keyboard
Song Magic Keyboard 2000 Magically play songs - when you touch the keys!
Image Name Date Description
VideoNow Jr. PVD's 2004-2005 The third model of VideoNow, is a portable video player produced by Hasbro, this time designed for preschoolers aged three to six.[9] Some of the PVD's included HIT Entertainment shows, such as Barney & Friends.


Playskool Baby[]

Image Name Date Description
Playskool Baby 1993 Delightful products for babies decorated with colorful dinosaur pals. Choose from lovable Barney or Baby Bop characters. Products within the line included bibs, bottles, squeezeables and rattles.


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