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Pop Wheely is a very good friend of Barney. He is a character who only appeared in Round and Round We Go. He was portrayed by the late Grant James.

About Pop Wheely[]

Pop Wheely or "Pop" as his friends call him is an old fella. He has a factory called Pop Wheely's Wonderful Wheel Factory. Pop's factory is filled with wheels, but he doesn't just love wheels. Ever since Pop was a little boy, he loved everything about transportation. He has lots of machines in his factory. Pop Wheely things the greatest invention to get from here to there is a wheel!


  • He owns a bus, a ship, a train, and four airplanes.
  • He invented a pair of boots that makes sounds.
  • At his factory he do whatever it takes to test their wheels as long as it's fun.
  • When he's inside his factory he wears his glasses but outside while testing machines he takes them off.
  • Airplanes are one of his favorite kinds of transportations.
  • He has a special wheel machine that make, and fix wheels for all kinds of different things as well as print pictures.