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The following is an overview of Barney-related information that occurred in the years before 1988.

Major Events[]

  • January 1985: Sheryl Leach retired from teaching and got married. She became pregnant with her eldest son, Patrick.
  • 1986: Sheryl Leach struggles to keep her growing son entertained at home.
  • May 1987: Sheryl Leach decided to create her very own video series after her son outgrew "Wee Sing Together". She recruited help from Kathy Parker.
  • 1987: Debbie Ries was welcomed into Sheryl Leach's focus group and Barney was originally pitched as a blanket.
  • October 1987: After visiting a museum, Invasion of the Robot Dinosaurs with Sheryl Leach's son, Patrick Leach, she decided that the Barney character would be a dinosaur.