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Princess Pumpernickel is an original Barney story/a fairy tale story that only appeared in the new content of Once Upon a Dino-Tale.


Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away.... there was a beautiful princess (with long blue hair and a big pink bow). Everyone in the kingdom loved Princess Pumpernickel. So when she was old enough to get her royal crown, her friends had a big party and gave her some special gifts.

BJ wants to teach her how to roller skate, Riff will teach her to play the banjo, and Tracy gave her a mirror so the princess can see what she looks like with her royal crown, and everyone enjoys a royal tea party! After the tea party, it was time for the princess to get her royal crown. While looking in the mirror, Princess Pumpernickel realizes that her hair is too messy, so she went to fix it. But before Princess Pumpernickel returned, her friends had a mysterious visitor....

The Royal Wizard was here to give a royal test to the princess to prove that she will be a good princess. They asked what the test was, but the wizard couldn't find what the test was! So he decided to make up a test. The test was that the princess should be fast on roller skates, play a happy tune on the banjo, and a good princess should always tell the truth.

Since the princess wasn't there at the time, the wizard would be back tomorrow to test her. When the wizard left, her friends were sad. They realized that she can't roller skate (but BJ can) or play the banjo (but Riff can).

The next day when the wizard returned to give the test, her friends were ready. BJ dressed as Princess Pumpernickel and roller skated for the wizard. Riff also dressed as Princess Pumpernickel and played the banjo for him. Just then Princess Pumpernickel came out and had no idea who the wizard was and why he was there. Princess Pumpernickel had to tell the truth, she didn't know how to skate or play the banjo. The Princess thought she didn't pass but she did since she told the truth.

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Telling the truth was the most important part of the test even if she didn't get a crown, because everyone knows that a truthful princess is the fairest in the land. And they all lived happily ever after!