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Priya is a character who only appeared in the home video Celebrating Around The World. She was portrayed by Priya Rastogi Fremerman.

During her appearance in Celebrating Around The World, Priya explained to Barney and his friends that Diwali was a festival of lights. Priya also showcased a Bharatnatyam dance to Barney and his friends, which was one of the oldest dance forms in the country of India.

Priya's favorite part of Diwali is the food, in which she thinks it's one of the best parts of the celebration.

Priya is seen to be very close to another character that appeared in the video by the name of Sita. She doesn't always get along with Sita, as they sometimes argue, but they always work it out, further correlating to the meaning of the festival. One thing they do agree on is is their other favorite part of the festival is watching the fireworks.