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The Purple Tales Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Carey Stinson and Nancy Jay. Debuting on March 5, 2019, episodes of the podcast are posted every Tuesday on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify and Spreaker, but are filmed the week before they are posted at RNCN Studios in Dallas, Texas.

The podcast features guests who have worked with Barney and they share many wonderful behind the scenes stories of everyone's favorite purple dinosaur and the current work they're doing now.


Purple Tales Podcast celebrates the spirit of Barney as told through the talented people who created, produced and worked on all aspects of the cultural phenomena we know as America’s favorite purple dinosaur. The life lessons Barney has taught children since 1988 are recalled by the people who knew Barney best. Their stories and anecdotes provide a weekly reminder that the simplest of lessons can have a meaningful impact that lasts a lifetime.[1]


The show typically opens with various clips from Barney & Friends as well as interviews and other media pertaining the program. It then zooms into one television screen and fades to the title of the podcast, which plays the notes of "I Love You". Background music of "Tickle" by Josef Falkensköld plays for a bit as Stinson and Jay start introductions and then move onto interviewing the guest of the week. The show concludes by ending with the song "Tickle" and concluding with the title card of the podcast.


Chris Kraft was at home one day with his granddaughter, trying to keep her entertained. He decided that children's programming could possibly keep her interest but none of the shows on television did not keep her attention nor did she enjoy what was on. Kraft decided to possibly try putting on Barney & Friends through Netflix, since his children grew up with the program. His granddaughter was soon captivated by the purple dinosaur on the screen.

Kraft has known Stinson for a year. On one of the episodes, Kraft saw Stinson's name in the credits, took a screenshot and texted it to him, asking if he was Barney. Stinson replied yes and Kraft was interested. After Kraft's new found knowledge, he would tease some stories out of Stinson during long road trips and told Stinson to share his stories with people. Stinson, reluctant at first, decided to go ahead and start a podcast pertaining to Barney in order to tell stories of not just himself but others who worked on the series.


No. Title Date Guest Comments
1 Carey "Barney" Stinson welcomes Jeff "Baby Bop" Ayers March 5, 2019 Jeff Ayers Long-time costume performer of Baby Bop
2 Listening In with Barney Musical Director Joe Phillips March 12, 2019 Joseph Phillips Musical director of Barney & Friends from 1995-2011
3 Barney's Big Surprise with Actress Courtney Cook March 19, 2019 Courtney Cook Original child cast member of the national tour of Barney's Big Surprise in 1996.
4 Between Two Barneys with Josh Martin March 26, 2019 Josh Martin Costume performer of Barney.
5 The Words of Barney with Head Writer Steve White April 2, 2019 Stephen White Long time head writer of Barney & Friends.
6 Love and a Simple Jazz Square with Shelley Aubrey April 9, 2019 Shelley C. Aubrey Dialogue Coach, Performance director Barney & Friends.
7 The Body and The Voice of BJ April 16, 2019 Patty Wirtz & Kyle Nelson The original voice of BJ and the performer of BJ from 1997-2010.
8 Actress Marisa Kuers-Mailhes - "Hannah" (Season 4-6) April 23, 2019 Marisa Kuers Mailhes Actress who portrayed Hannah.
9 Of course Barney has a publicist! April 30, 2019 Jackie Smith Former publicist.
10 Working with dinos and kids from a director's point of view May 7, 2019 Brian Mack Former director and associate director.
11 Carey "Barney" Stinson takes his turn in the guest chair May 14, 2019 Carey Stinson Costume performer of Barney for twenty-two years.
12 Who sees Barney as a big purple lump of love? May 21, 2019 Bob Lavallee Former Production Designer
13 Stuuuuuuuu-pen-dous! It's the original voice of Barney May 28, 2019 Bob West The original voice of Barney.
14 Barney meets Rock & Roll! June 4, 2019 Sloan Coleman & Jake Berry SVP - Stage Tours/Live Events; Production Director
15 Barney rap from Backyard Gang kid Derek June 11, 2019 Rickey Carter Actor who portrayed Derek
16 the one and only Professor Tinkerputt is in the house! June 18, 2019 Barry Pearl Actor who portrayed Professor Tinkerputt.
17 From Barney to Broadway, Min Grows Up! June 25, 2019 Pia Hamilton Actress who portrayed Min


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