Baby Bop as "Rapunzel"

Rapunzel is a fairy tale story/children's story


Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Rapunzel. Ever since she was a baby, she lived with the Witch in the tallest tower of the biggest castle in all the land. She couldn't get out because the castle didn't have any doors or any stairs. In fact, there was only one way to get inside: her hair was so long that it reached the ground, and everyday, the Witch would climb Rapunzel's hair up to the tower window. Poor Rapunzel: she couldn't get out of the tower and she didn't have any friends.

One day, when Ms. Witch was gone, a brave boy from the village came to the castle and he sang Rapunzel a song of love. Then, he called out the words he heard Ms. Witch say, which were "Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair, so I can climb the golden stair!" When he gets up there, he asks Rapunzel for the secret to her amazing hair, to which she says that she uses baby shampoo. After that day, the boy visited Rapunzel everyday when Ms. Witch was gone, hoping he could someday think of a way to bring Rapunzel down from the tower.

 However, when Ms. Witch came back to the castle one day, Rapunzel promptly spilled the beans by saying that Ms. Witch was heavier than her friend (the boy). Believing that she's been tricked, Ms. Witch seized a pair of scissors, cut off two long portions of Rapunzel's hair, and placed them on her own head before waiting for the boy. When the boy returned the very next day, he was startled at Ms. Witch wearing Rapunzel's hair, and when Rapunzel explained what happened, the boy had to think of something fast!

He persuaded Ms. Witch to use baby shampoo, just like Rapunzel does, and her hair would really be beautiful. Ms. Witch took up the offer and once the boy poured the baby shampoo on her hair, he reminded her to rub it in, which was easier said than done! When Ms. Witch tried to rub it in, her hands got stuck to her head, and that's when more beans were spilled: the "baby shampoo" was really GLUE! After Ms. Witch complained that she'd been "tricked again," Rapunzel and the boy escaped by sliding down Ms. Witch's hair, and they all lived happily ever after. The End.