Richard C. Leach

Richard Charles Leach (August 24, 1927 - May 29, 2001) was an executive who was in charge of producing the Barney franchise from the beginning up until 2000. In 1987, Leach's daughter-in-law, Sheryl Leach approached him with an idea of a home video series premeised on combining entertainment and education together for young children, which would later become Barney and the Backyard Gang. Richard financed the first three videos with $700,000 out of his own pocket. The success of the videos led to the hit PBS television series Barney & Friends, which debuted in 1992. Richard became the executive in charge for the television series, home videos, stage shows and a feature film. In March 2001, Lyrick Studios was sold to HIT Entertainment. Richard sadly died of a heart attack on May 29, 2001 at the age of 73.


  • Richard was the owner of Lyrick Studios, RCL Enterprises and ColorDynamics.
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