Riff as he appears in the show.

Riff is a six-year-old orange Hadrosaurus who is Baby Bop and BJ's cousin and a friend of Barney's.


Riff is all about music. He hears music everywhere he goes. His theme song is none other than "I Hear Music Everywhere". Like the other dinosaurs, he is an amicable character. Riff also enjoys inventing things on the side.


According to HIT Entertainment and executive producer Karen Barnes, Riff was created to add musical diversity to the series.[1] In 2006, Riff was added to the live show, Barney Live! - The Let's Go Tour (albeit after 8 months), he made his first TV appearance in "Let's Make Music", with his introduction being in the episode, "Welcome, Cousin Riff".


Riff is known for his crest lighting up with green lights, which makes music when it does. Riff is orange with a yellow tummy with green spots and green spikes. He wears green sneakers with yellow socks and purple laces on them.


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Riff's very first costume.


  • Riff was the first dinosaur to be created in over thirteen years.
  • He is the only dinosaur whose name does not start with the letter B.
  • Riff's favorite food is "Ants on a Log" (celery with cheddar cheese and raisins)
  • He has a few catchphrases, those being: Wowzer!, Tippity-Top. Later Skaters!


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