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Salim Dolphine Ulysses Grant (born May 28, 1977 in Dallas, Texas) is an American actor who portrayed Jason in the first 3 Barney & The Backyard Gang videos before being replaced by Rickey Carter as Derek. Prior to his role on Barney & The Backyard Gang, he appeared in a commercial for Sesame Street when he was at the age of four. When he was five years old, he appeared in several theater productions with a local children's group called Too Short for Prime Time. He was also in the 1990 Bill Cosby movie, Ghost Dad. He starred as R.J. "Hollywood" Collins on Saved by the Bell: The New Class from 1995 to 1996.


Barney & The Backyard Gang[]

Grant portrayed Jason for the the first three Barney & The Backyard Gang videos.