Sandra J. Payne is former writer in the Barney franchise from 1999 until 2002.

About Sandra J. Payne

Since she began her freelance career in 1996, Payne has been a professional writer, and since 2000, a filmmaker, particularly for the web. She has extensive experience writing, directing and producing web series, and award-winning short films and trailers. Payne also has written award-winning scripts, two optioned feature scripts, and has been a columnist and feature article writer for magazines for several years. She has credits in children's TV, have written various ancillary products for children's entertainment properties, and have a published baby board book and a coffee table book of photographs.

Barney & Friends

Payne has wrote six television episodes and one direct-to-home video called "Be My Valentine, Love Barney." Prior to writing for the Barney, she worked for the children's television show, Wishbone, writing ancillary products and marketing materials.

Barney Projects

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