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Sandra Kay "Sandy" Duncan (born February 20, 1946 in Henderson, Texas) is an American singer and actress of stage and television. She is well remembered for roles including the title character in the 1979 Broadway revival of Peter Pan, Sandy Hogan on The Hogan Family, and Vixey in Disney's The Fox and the Hound.

During the 1988 Writers Guild of America strike, Duncan took part in Barney & The Backyard Gang[1] portraying Michael and Amy's Mom for the for the first three videos The Backyard Show, Three Wishes, and A Day At The Beach.



Barney & The Backyard Gang

Due to Duncan being a large star in the 1980s and desiring for Barney & The Backyard Gang to resonate with parents, Duncan was asked to take part in the video series. During development of Barney & The Backyard Gang, director John Grable had several phone conversations with Duncan and her agents to convince her to join the cast.

Duncan viewed the project as a chance to earn more money in a short period of time in her home state.[1]

In the Barney & The Backyard Gang videos, not only did Duncan portray as Michael and Amy's Mom but she provided introduction and ending speeches for the first three videos.


Duncan was invited to appear in the Barney & Friends television series, but she declined.[1]

Personal Life


Barney & The Backyard Gang

Duncan was embarrassed by being involved in Barney & The Backyard Gang due to the production quality of the videos. She assumed no one would see it due to it being during the Writers Strike and didn't talk much about it. After running into a child with a disability, the child sang "I Love You" in front of Duncan and she no longer became embarrassed by it.[2]