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This article is about dog character found exclusively in Barney Books. You may be looking for Scooter, Julie's dog.

Scooter is a brown and white dog with a red collar who belongs to a friend of BJ's. BJ and the other dinosaurs frequently take care of Scooter.

In "Barney's Trick or Treat!", he is seen trying to come along with the dinosaurs to trick-or-treat.


  1. BJ and Scooter (debut)
  2. Barney's Trick or Treat!
  3. Barney's Mother Goose Hunt
  4. Barney's Sing-along Stories: Clean Up! (final appearance)



  • In "Barney's Trick or Treat", his snout is colored brown instead of white; additionally, he is missing his lighter brown chest marking. In his final appearance, Scooter was once again portrayed with his lighter chest marking, but still featured a light brown snout.
  • Scooter's appearance in "Barney's Mother Goose Hunt" is in the nursery rhyme "Hey Diddle Diddle", in which he portrays the role of the "little dog".
  • Scooter is similar to Pepper, another puppy belonging to a friend of BJ's.