Scott Erickson is a songwriter who wrote numerous songs for the Barney franchise from 2006-2009.


Scott Erickson grew up in Washington State and discovered his love for music at an early age. Though he enjoyed both pop and classical music, he was particularly fond of the more "backstage" roles of music; studio musicians and songwriters.

Erickson enjoys getting to work with so many other musicians, and continues to do so even after his time with the Barney series.

Songs Written

  1. Broken Toys
  2. The Toy Factory
  3. Adventuring at the Fair
  4. Trying Something New
  5. How Does This Thing Work?
  6. Why Can't I?
  7. Exercise Is Good For You
  8. The Boo Boo Song
  9. The Vet Song
  10. Barney's Birthday Song
  11. Won't You Imagine with Me?
  12. I Miss You
  13. A Bright New Day
  14. Being Me
  15. What Should I Do?
  16. Adventuring to the Circus
  17. When Tomorrow Comes
  18. Trying and Trying
  19. Do Your Best
  20. Wishing Wishes
  21. Let's Go
  22. Thinkety Think
  23. Hero
  24. Love is the Key
  25. The Animal and Alphabet Matching Game
  26. Hula in the Morning
  27. Brothers and Sisters are Great
  28. Languages from All Around the World

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