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Season 10 of Barney & Friends originally aired on PBS from September 18, 2006 to October 13, 2006.


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# Episodes Written By Directed By New Barney Songs Interestrial Original Airdate
"Welcome, Cousin Riff" and "Special Skills"
Carter Crocker Fred Holmes "I Hear Music Everywhere", "A Friend Like You", "You Can Make Music with Anything" Barney-Toon September 18, 2006
"Welcome, Cousin Riff": Barney informs Baby Bop and BJ that their cousin Riff has moved into town!

"Special Skills": Baby Bop and BJ decide to put on a special puppet show in the park. Riff utilizes his music ability to enhance the show.

"Airplanes" and "Boats"
Michael Anthony Steele Jim Rowley "Flying in a Plane", "Together, Together" Barney-Toon September 19, 2006
"Airplanes": BJ brings his new airplane toy to the park. Riff decides to borrow BJ's airplane toy. But when Riff can't seem to put BJ's toy airplane back together, BJ puts his toy airplane back together to make it good as new.

"Boats": Barney shows Baby Bop about boats. BJ and Baby Bop build a boat for Barney and Baby Bop.
""Butterflies"" and ""Bugs""
Cheryl Ammeter Fred Holmes Barney-Toon September 20, 2006
"Butterflies": Baby Bop cares for a caterpillar that is going through metamorphosis.

"Bugs": BJ shows Barney, Baby Bop, Riff, and the kids his bug collection. When Riff is scared of bugs, Barney shows him that bugs can be cool!

"Shapes" and "Colors"
Michael Anthony Steele Jim Rowley "Playing the Shapes" Barney-Toon September 21, 2006
"Shapes": At the shapes carnival in the park, Riff is upset that his good lucky medal is gone. Barney and his friends set out to help him find it.

"Colors": Baby Bop, BJ and the kids paint a big rainbow in the park.
"Seeing" and "Hearing"
Stephen White Jim Rowley "When You Hear" Barney-Toon September 22, 2006
"Seeing": Baby Bop tries to convince to BJ and Riff that she had seen an elephant in the park.

"Hearing": BJ and Riff compete to see who can make the loudest noise in the park.
"Glad to Be Me" and "Arts"
Gladtobeme.jpg Arts.jpg
Cheryl Ammeter Fred Holmes Barney-Toon September 25, 2006
"Glad to Be Me": Barney helps Riff overcome his shyness by introducing him to some friends.

"Arts": Barney introduces his friends to different forms of art at an art festival.

"Movement" and "BJ's Snack Attack"
Movement.jpg Bjssnackattack.jpg
M.G. Hamilton Fred Holmes "Exercise Is Good For You" Barney-Toon September 26, 2006
"Movement": Coach Baby Bop and BJ help Barney prepare for the sack race.

"BJ's Snack Attack": BJ's binge on sweet treats leads him to dream about a world full of sweet treats.
"Counting" and "Letters"
Countingnew.jpg Letters.jpg
Fred Holmes / Perri Verdino-Gates Fred Holmes "The Mad Song", "Way to Count" Barney-Toon September 27, 2006
"Counting": To teach Baby Bop how to count, Barney takes her on a treasure hunt for buried treasure.
"Letters": Everyone makes a sign for Riff's music concert.
"Pets" and "Vets"
Jim Lewis Jim Rowley "The Boo Boo Song", "The Vet Song" Barney-Toon September 28, 2006
"Pets": When BJ loses Bryan's dog, he learns the importance of taking care of pets.

"Vets": When Baby Bop's teddy bear gets injured, Doctor Barney and Doctor Riff help fix her up.
"Winter" and "Summer"
Winter.jpg Summer.jpg
Karl Geurs Fred Holmes "If All the Snowflakes" Barney-Toon September 29, 2006
"Winter": Baby Bop waits for the first snowfall of the year.

"Summer": It's summertime, and Everybody enjoys summer activities!
"Caring" and "Rhythm"
Caring.jpg Rhythm.jpg
Cheryl Ammeter / Karl Geurs Fred Holmes / Jim Rowley "Why Can't I?", "Barney's Birthday Song" Barney-Toon October 2, 2006
"Caring": It's Barney's Birthday, and his friends are throwing him a party. After many of Barney's friends give him store-bought presents, Riff questions if Barney would like his homemade gift.

"Rhythm": Barney and his friends perform a marching band parade to teach Baby Bop all about rhythm.
"Playing Games" and "Fun with Reading"
Carter Crocker Jim Rowley "Won't You Imagine with Me?" Barney-Toon October 3, 2006
"Playing Games": Everyone teaches Baby Bop the importance of following the rules when playing games with friends.

"Fun with Reading": Barney, Baby Bop and Riff help BJ's toe feel better.

"Making Mistakes" and "Separation"
Makingmistakes.jpg Separation.jpg
Karl Geurs Jim Rowley "What a Big Mistake!", "I Miss You" Barney-Toon October 4, 2006
"Making Mistakes": After BJ accidentally paints the caboose red, yellow, and blue on "Make the Park Pretty Day!"; Barney, Baby Bop, Riff, and the kids help him fix it by working together.

"Separation": Baby Bop is upset that she misses BJ and Riff, so Barney helps her by keeping friends close.
"Days of the Week" and "Sharing"
Daysoftheweek.jpg Sharing.jpg
Jim Lewis Jim Rowley "A Bright New Day", "Best of Friends" Barney-Toon October 5, 2006
"Days of the Week": Barney comes up with fun activities for his friends to do during the week, as they wait for the petting zoo.

"Sharing": After Riff busts BJ's new scooter, he holds a rummage sale in order to buy a new one!
"Rabbits" / "Ducks and Fish"
Michael Anthony Steele Fred Holmes Barney-Toon October 6, 2006
"Rabbits": Detective BJ helps Baby Bop figure out which animal is eating her snacks.

"Ducks and Fish": Riff takes care of some baby duck eggs.
"Mother Goose" and "Fairy Tales"
Mothergooseepisode.jpg Fairytales.jpg
Charlotte Spivey / Fred Holmes Fred Holmes Barney-Toon October 9, 2006
"Mother Goose": Characters from The Land of Mother Goose come to the caboose in search for their lost things.

"Fairy Tales": Barney tells Baby Bop the story of Pandora's Box while she waits for her surprise.
"Things I Can Do" and "Differences"
Hannah Hall / Jim Lewis Fred Holmes "Being Me" Barney-Toon October 10, 2006
"Things I Can Do": Baby Bop becomes frustrated that there's one more thing that she can't do, and Barney, Riff and the kids help her find something that she can do.

"Differences": When the kids leave a boy in a wheelchair out of their fun, Barney decides to let him know that he feels the same way sometimes.
"Dancing" and "Singing"
Perri Verdino-Gates Jim Rowley Barney-Toon October 11, 2006
"Dancing": Barney encourages Jamal to dance at the dance party.

"Singing": Barney tells the story called "The Princess Without a Song to Sing" where a princess found her song with the help of a very wise king.

"Neighborhoods" and "Careers"
Stephen White Fred Holmes Barney-Toon October 12, 2006
"Neighborhoods": Riff loses his drumsticks, so Barney and the others help him find them by looking around their neighborhood in the park.

"Careers": Baby Bop wants to be three forever, until Barney shows her the fun of taking on a grown-up job.
"China" and "Kenya"
China.jpg Kenya.jpg
Michael Anthony Steele Jim Rowley "The Dance of the Dragon" Barney-Toon October 13, 2006
"China": BJ's Chinese Pen Pal visits the park.

"Kenya": Kenyan dancers and musicians are performing in the park! Baby Bop loves dancing, while Riff loves music. But when they are asked to do opposite roles, they learn to appreciate both dancing and music.



  • Conceptualization for this season took place in late 2004, and production and filming for this season took place from mid-2005 to early 2006.
  • This season marked:
  • At a 47 kid cast, this season has the largest cast of any season. However, the kids are significantly downplayed, so that this season could focus on Barney and the dinosaurs. The kids rarely have any lines or get to sing. In fact, Jamal and Michael are the only two kids that get to sing this season: Jamal sang "Look at Me I'm Dancing!" and Michael sang "I Can See It on Your Face" with Barney.
  • Like in Season 9, Barney comes to life during the end of the theme song, not during the episode.
  • The reason Season 10 (and 11) got episodes cut in half was so that it could appeal to international broadcasters.
  • Jackson is the only kid from Season 8 to appear in this season. However, Mario returns while the actors who portrayed Kami, Nick and Beth made guest appearances as other characters.
  • Other than the "Barney Theme Song" and "I Love You", the song "A Friend Like You" appeared in every episode in this season (this serves as the closing theme to the first half of each episode).
  • The following episodes this season have alternate endings that did have the song I Love You sung, that can either be seen in HIT Favorites episode videos, the UK iTunes, Season 14, Netflix For Extra and The Kindle: