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The eleventh season of Barney & Friends premiered on the PBS children's block, PBS Kids from September 17, 2007 to October 12, 2007, and consisted of twenty episodes (40 segments). This season continues off of the format from the previous season. Although Barney comes to life after the theme song in this season as well, some episodes this season depict Barney coming to life in the actual episode. Rather than continuing educational themes tailored for toddlers, which is the viewing audience, this season uses a social-emotional curriculum, which is outside the original target audience of the show.

Continuing off of season ten, this season brings back a prominent children's cast, that was absent in the previous season as they were reduced to background characters. This season also introduces a new interstitial titled Barney's Music Box, a set of music videos that place Barney in different animated environments.[1]

This is the final season to be produced by Connecticut Public Television, the PBS station that brought Barney & Friends on television.


This season was originally announced to premiere on September 3, 2007[1] before moving the premiere date back to September 17, 2007.


Filming for this season took place from July 10, 2006 to February 20, 2007.


Around this time, writers were instructed to write "conflict based" episodes, rather than continuing the curriculum format from the previous seasons.


This season marked the first appearances of Myra, Mei, and Marcos, the only appearances of Eva, Nathan, Tyler, Sofia, Tori, Heidi, Dylan, Lily, and Noah, the only television appearances of Megan and Victor, the final appearances of Laura, Amy, Olivia, Claire, Lucas and Kelly, and the final television appearance of Rachel.


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# Episodes Written By Directed By New Barney Songs Interestrial Original Airdate
"Pistachio" and "Full Team Ahead"
Stephen White Jim Rowley "Just Can't Get Enough" Barney's Music Box ("Old MacDonald Had a Farm") September 17, 2007
"Pistachio": After Barney eats too many pistachios, his friends show him the importance of eating them in moderation.
"Full Team Ahead": BJ excludes his cousin from his baseball team, after not having any athletic ability. Barney teaches him that the best way to play baseball is to share the experience with all of his friends.
"The Magic Words" and "Litterbot"
Karl Geurs / Michael Anthony Steele Jim Rowley "What Should I Do?" Barney's Music Box ("Hickory Dickory Dock") September 18, 2007
"The Magic Words": When Baby Bop forgets to use "Please" and "Thank You", Barney tells her the story of "The Princess and the Magic Words" where a princess could not say the magic words because she did not use them often.
"Litterbot": Riff creates a robot that cleans up trash from the park. When the robot malfunctions, it's up to Riff and his friends to lend a helping hand.
"Bop 'til You Drop" and "The Sleepless Sleepover"
Jim Lewis Steven Feldman/Fred Holmes Barney's Music Box ("The Wheels on the Bus") September 19, 2007
"Bop 'til You Drop": After Baby Bop loses her pink balloon, her friends give her a whistle to signal for them to play together. When she becomes too bossy, Barney teaches her the importance of being a good friend.
"The Sleepless Sleepover": Barney helps Melanie get over her fear of sleeping outside tonight at a sleepover campout in the park.
"Little Red Rockin' Hood" and "The Whole Truth"
Fred Holmes Fred Holmes "Country Music Star", "Down on Grandpa's Place", "Sing a Brand New Song", "What Shall We Paint Today?" Barney's Music Box ("If You're Happy and You Know It") September 20, 2007
"Little Red Rockin' Hood": Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, Riff and the kids put on a twist on a classic fairy tale story of "Little Red Rockin' Hood" where a wolf and a young girl combined their music together to form "Country Rock."
"The Whole Truth": After BJ takes credit for Sarah's painting, Barney teaches him to always be honest with his friends.
"The Wind and the Sun" and "The Nature of Things"
Michael Anthony Steele Fred Holmes "The Wind" Barney's Music Box ("Itsy Bitsy Spider") September 21, 2007
"The Wind and the Sun": When Baby Bop and BJ fight to use the same place in the park, Barney tells them the story called "The Wind and the Sun"
"The Nature of Things": After Rachel makes a mess in the park, she dreams about how littering affects many animal homes.
"The New Kid" and "Grandpa's Visit"
Dean Stefan Fred Holmes "The Things I Want to Do" Barney's Music Box ("Old MacDonald Had a Farm") September 24, 2007
"The New Kid": After Riff befriends a new kid, BJ fears that Riff is not his friend any more.
"Grandpa's Visit": Ryan's grandfather visits the park in search of a special bird.
"The Big Garden" and "Listen!"
Karl Geurs Jim Rowley "Welcome to Our Tea Party" Barney's Music Box ("Hickory Dickory Dock") September 25, 2007
"The Big Garden": Barney, Baby Bop, BJ and the kids harvest crops in the garden in the park.

"Listen!": Barney's friends help Detective Riff figure out where a strange noise is coming from.

"Lost and Found" and "Pot Full of Sunshine"
Karl Geurs Jim Rowley "Adventuring to the Circus", "When Tomorrow Comes" Barney's Music Box ("The Wheels on the Bus") September 26, 2007
"Lost and Found": After promising he would take care of the circus tickets, BJ loses them and sets out to find them.
"Pot Full of Sunshine": Baby Bop helps take care of a flower. After her flower died, Barney and the kids help her feel better.
"Trail Boss Barney" and "Get Happy!"
Fred Holmes Fred Holmes Barney's Music Box ("If You're Happy and You Know It") September 27, 2007
"Trail Boss Barney": Barney takes his friends to a working ranch.

"Get Happy!": Riff creates a device to make Olivia happy.

"For the Fun of It" and "Starlight, Star Bright"
Michael Anthony Steele / Karl Geurs Steven Feldman/Fred Holmes "Trying and Trying", "Do Your Best" Barney's Music Box ("Itsy Bitsy Spider") September 28, 2007
"For the Fun of It": BJ wants to learn a basketball trick just like his friend Terry. Through the process, he learns the importance of perseverance.
"Starlight, Star Bright": During a sleepover campout, Baby Bop sees a shooting star and wonders where it had gone.
"Big as Barney" and "No, No, No!"
Karl Geurs / Cheryl Ammeter Fred Holmes "Nobody Likes To Hear No!" Barney's Music Box ("Old MacDonald Had a Farm") October 1, 2007
"Big as Barney": After observing the positive impact Barney has on his friends, Ryan decides that he wants to act and look just like Barney.
"No, No, No!": Baby Bop is frustrated about hearing "No" all the time. So, Barney tells her the story of Cinderella.
"The Emperor's Contest" and "Beethoven's Hear!"
Charlotte Spivey Jim Rowley "Honesty" Barney's Music Box ("Hickory Dickory Dock") October 2, 2007
"The Emperor's Contest": After Ryan thinks about cheating in a fishing contest, Barney tells him a story about how a boy became emperor by being honest.
"Beethoven's Hear!": After Riff wonders if he would still like music if he was deaf, Barney introduces one of the best deaf musicians of all time - Beethoven.
"Guess Who?" and "Sweet Treats"
Karl Geurs / Don Gillies Steven Feldman Barney's Music Box ("The Wheels on the Bus") October 3, 2007
"Guess Who?": Riff decides on a costume for the Halloween Party.
"Sweet Treats": Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, Riff and the kids go trick-or-treating at the Halloween party in the park. After Ramon loses all his Halloween candies, BJ shares his Halloween candies with him.
"Best in Show" and "The Chase"
Jim Lewis Fred Holmes "Wishing Wishes", "The Parade Song" Barney's Music Box ("If You're Happy and You Know It") October 4, 2007
"Best in Show": Susan lets BJ enter her dog Pilgrim in a dog show!
"The Chase": After the kids fight over wanting to do the same thing, Barney tells them a Native American story that teaches to be yourself and not follow to the crowd.
"Dream Big" and "That's What a Mommy Is"
Debbie Boyle Perry Fred Holmes Barney's Music Box ("Itsy Bitsy Spider") October 5, 2010
"Dream Big": Hoping to go to Mars in outer space, Riff builds his own rocket ship. When his plans do not succeed, Barney teaches him the importance of sticking to his dreams.
"That's What a Mommy Is": After witnessing many helpful and caring mothers in the park, Baby Bop wonders what makes a really good mommy.
"The Shrinking Blankey" and "The Awful Tooth"
Kayte Kuch Brian Mack Barney's Music Box ("Old MacDonald Had a Farm") October 8, 2007
"The Shrinking Blankey": Baby Bop is concerned that she may be outgrowing her blankey.
"The Awful Tooth": Barney and his friends help Riff overcome his fear of the dentist.
"The Blame Game" and "What's Your Name?"
Greg Sumner / Debbie Boyle Perry Steven Feldman "Barney's Name Game" Barney's Music Box ("Hickory Dickory Dock") October 9, 2007
"The Blame Game": Marcos accidentally breaks Melanie's project and fears that she may not want to be his friend anymore. Barney teaches him that a good friend is an honest friend.
"What's Your Name?": Myra believes that her name is boring. So, Barney's friends figure out the origin of their names.
"The Magic Caboose" and "BJ the Great"
Michael Maurer Fred Holmes Barney's Music Box ("The Wheels on the Bus") October 10, 2007
"The Magic Caboose": Barney and the kids board the magic caboose to take pretend trips to different countries.
"BJ the Great": BJ wants to become a great magician, but does not want to practice. When he thinks he has turned his sister into a turtle, he learns that practice makes perfect.
"Gift of the Dinos" and "A Visit to Santa"
Karl Geurs / Debbie Boyle Perry Fred Holmes "Santa's Wrapping Crew" Barney's Music Box ("If You're Happy and You Know It") October 11, 2007
"Gift of the Dinos": During a secret santa session, BJ and Riff decide to give up their prized possessions to give the ultimate gift to each other.
"A Visit to Santa": Melanie misses the mailman when she wasn't getting her Christmas letter to him on time, so Barney takes her on a trip to Santa's workshop at the North Pole to deliver her Christmas wish list to Santa.
"Riff's Musical Zoo" and "The Princess and the Frog"
Michael Maurer / Michael Anthony Steele Steven Feldman / Fred Holmes Barney's Music Box ("Itsy Bitsy Spider") October 12, 2007
"Riff's Musical Zoo": After Tracy's Mom can't take the kids to the zoo, Riff uses stuffed animals and musical instruments to mimic animals sounds to create a "musical zoo"!
"The Princess and the Frog": After Baby Bop promises Ryan to watch his pet frog, Barney tells her the story of "The Princess and the Frog" to remind her to always keep her promises.


  • This season marked:
    • The first season to feature the 2007 HIT Entertainment logo during the end credits. Despite this, the 2001 logo was still in use at the time in which all 20 episodes (40 segments) were filmed prior to their original airdates.
    • The final season until season fourteen that has twenty episodes with purely new content.
    • The final season to have episodes written by Stephen White, former head writer of the franchise.
    • The final season to contain the "Let's Play with Barney" segment.
  • Despite Riff not appearing in "The Magic Caboose"/"BJ The Great", Michaela Dietz and Adam Brown are respectively credited for being the voice and costume.
  • Some halves of these episodes had different titles in the program guides of some PBS stations like "Storyteller" and "What's In A Name?" (not to be confused with the Season 5 episode, "What's In A Name?").
  • Episodes from this season have been shown in Latin America Between June 25 and July 16, 2007 before it’s premiere in US that Fall of the same year.