Season 13
Season 13, Episodes 239-248
Executive Producers Karen Barnes
Writers Carter Crocker
Halim Jabbour
Michael Anthony Steele
Dean Stefan
Fred Holmes
Mark Valenti
Elizabeth Jaynes
Charlotte Spivey
Cheryl Ammeter
Directors Fred Holmes
Brian Mack
Steven Feldman
Musical Directors Joe Phillips
Production Company HIT Entertainment
Season Premiere September 7, 2009
Season Finale September 18, 2009
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Season 13 of Barney & Friends ran from September 7 - 18, 2009





Guest Appearances


# Total Image Title Writer Director Original Airdate Production Code
1 239 Bienvenidobarneymexico "Bienvenido, Barney: Mexico" Carter Crocker Fred Holmes September 7, 2009
Baby Bop's friend Monty the butterfly passes through the park with a flock of friends on their way to Mexico. When Monty gets left behind by his insect friends and family, Barney takes everyone on a visit to Mexico, where Baby Bop will say good-bye to her butterfly friend.

New Barney Songs: None

2 240 Bigbrotherrusty "Big Brother Rusty: China " Halim Jabbour Brian Mack September 8, 2009
Rusty's family is adopting a baby girl from China. Not knowing much about China, Rusty believes that he will not be a good brother. Barney takes him to China to learn about Chinese culture during the Lunar New Year festival.

New Barney Songs: Brothers and Sisters are Great

3 241 Ahoramismo "¡Ahora Mismo!: Spain " Michael Anthony Steele Steven Feldman September 9, 2009
After Ben misses the opportunity to ride a pony in the park, Barney takes him to Spain to meet Regalo, a special dancing horse.

New Barney Songs: Languages from All Around the World

4 242 Veniceanyone "Venice, Anyone?: Italy" Dean Stefan Fred Holmes September 10, 2009
Emma is frustrated with a school project about her family. Noticing that her ancestors are from Venice, Barney takes her to Italy to learn more about her family's culture. They take a gondola ride, learn about Italian food, and make special masks.

New Barney Songs: None

5 243 Sweeterthancandy "Sweeter Than Candy: Greece" Charlotte Spivey Brian Mack September 11, 2009
Barney, Baby Bop, and BJ are helping the kids get ready for a school play. Barney takes his friends to Greece to learn about how plays were performed in Ancient Greece. While there, they meet some friends and decide to put on a version of "King Midas" in an amphitheater.

New Barney Songs: Don't Be Blue

6 244 Themusicbox "The Music Box: Switzerland" Mark Valenti Fred Holmes September 14, 2009
After accidentally selling Kiyoko's special music box at the park's rummage sale, Ben sets out to find a replacement gift. Discovering that the box came from Switzerland, Barney takes Ben there in search of a new music box.

New Barney Songs: None

7 245 Thegoodegg "The Good Egg: Kenya" Elizabeth Jaynes Brian Mack September 15, 2009
When the kids find a mysterious, colorful egg in the park, Barney takes them on a trip to Kenya to try to find out what kind of animal could have laid the egg. While in Kenya, they meet Ayira who introduces them to many people, cultures and animals of Kenya!

New Barney Songs: None

8 246 Abirdofadifferentfeather "A Bird of a Different Feather: Hawaii Charlotte Spivey Fred Holmes September 16, 2009
Barney takes Tracy and her friends to Hawaii in search of a "Bird of Paradise". While on the island, they learn how to make leis and do the hula.

New Barney Songs: Flowers, Hula in the Morning

9 247 Bonjourbarneyfrance "Bonjour, Barney!: France" Fred Holmes Brian Mack September 17, 2009
Emma wants to paint an award-winning painting for the "Art In The Park Show," but she is just isn't satisfied with her artwork. Barney takes her to France to learn how to paint from his friend Pierre. While there, they learn about France and how to "paint by following your heart."

New Barney Songs: None

10 248 Homesweetearth "Home Sweet Earth: The Rainforest" Cheryl Ammeter Steven Feldman September 18, 2009
It's Earth Day, a great time for everyone to learn how to help take care of our world; but Ben is wasting paper while BJ isn't too concerned about cutting down a tree to make room for a new playground. After a trip to the rainforest and a meeting with Mother Nature, everyone learns the importance of taking care of our world.

New Barney Songs: Every Day is Earth Day


Season 13 focused on Friends and Family Around the World; each episode, Barney and friends travel to various countries to experience having fun with new friends in different cultures.


  • This season marked:
    • This is the first season to be filmed in HD.
    • The first season with the new Baby Bop costume, now portrayed by Lauren Mayeux.
    • This is also the first season with the new Barney costume with connected feet and a rounder mouth.
    • The first and only season appearances of Ben, Connor, Kioko, Rusty, Eli, and Natalia. Ben and Natalia would later return to be featured in a couple of home videos.
    • The final appearances of Tracy, Myra, and Taylor.
    • The final TV appearances of Joshua and Emma. Like Ben and Natalia, Josh and Emma would later return to be featured in a couple of home videos.
  • Other than the "Barney Theme Song" and "I Love You", the song, "Here We Go Again" appeared in every episode in this season.
  • Filming for this season took place between October 16, 2008 - January 14, 2009.
  • On July 29, 2016, this season was released on Amazon Instant Video, along with Seasons 8-12.
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