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The fourteenth and final season of Barney & Friends premiered on the PBS children's block, PBS Kids from October 4 to November 2, 2010 and consisted of twenty episodes (forty segments). This is the only season of Barney & Friends to not to have new episodes, but rather combining two episodes from seasons ten and eleven.

Intended to be a refresh of Barney & Friends, this season introduces a new version of the "Barney Theme Song" and ushers in a new interstitial where kids tell jokes and sing Barney songs.



Filming for some parts of the newly revised "Barney Theme Song" and the music video interstitials took place at Celebration Park in Allen, Texas while other parts of the "Barney Theme Song" and joke segments were filmed at HIT Entertainment Studios in Carrollton, Texas. The music videos were also filmed at HIT Entertainment Studios, such as the music video for "Laugh With Me!" being filmed on Stage C.[1] Filming for the new content of this season took place from December 14, 2009 to January 29, 2010.


Although Connecticut Public Television formerly produced the episodes that were a part of seasons ten and eleven, their name alongside The Lyons Group were removed from the end credits due to the fact of how the show was being produced solely by HIT Entertainment at the time. Since this season contained a repackaging of episodes that were previously from seasons ten and eleven, all the episodes from those seasons were originally produced using the 4:3 aspect ratio format. During the time in which this season was produced, they were simply altered using the 16:9 widescreen format as a rainbow colored border is shown around the episode segments and unlike the previous seasons, this one features its titles during the start of each episode presented onscreen. Despite this season containing a repackaging of episodes that were previously from seasons ten and eleven, it is listed as a separate season apart from the franchise as a whole and unlike the previous seasons, it was produced in just one month.

This was the only Barney & Friends season to include a limited amount of episodes that were previously a part of the tenth and eleventh season and not the entire segments from those two seasons.


New Material[]



The children utilized for the new content this season remain uncredited. As a result, only the children who appeared during the episode segments were simply credited instead despite them having already left the show at the time this season was being filmed.

Despite being uncredited, the only known cast of child actors who appeared during the new material of this season are Logan Robot Gladden, Brenden Stanton, Jaden Roberts, Alyssa Boualapha, Ethan Van Zandt, Delaney Walker and Elizabeth Cole (the sister of Deborah Cole, who portrayed "Emma").


# Episodes Written By Directed By New Barney Songs Interestrial Original Airdate
"Gift of the Dinos" and "Winter"
Karl Geurs Fred Holmes Jokes and Music Video ("I Hear Music Everywhere") October 4, 2010
"Gift of the Dinos": During a secret santa session, BJ and Riff decide to give up their prized possessions to give the ultimate gift to each other.
"Winter": Baby Bop waits for the first snowfall of the year.
"Riff's Musical Zoo" and "Boats"
Michael Maurer / Michael Anthony Steele Fred Holmes / Jim Rowley Jokes and Music Video ("I Hear Music Everywhere") October 5, 2010
"Riff's Musical Zoo": After Tracy's mom can't take the kids to the zoo, Riff uses stuffed animals and musical instruments to mimic animals sounds to create a "musical zoo"!

"Boats": BJ and Riff build a boat to take Baby Bop on a pretend boat ride.

"The Magic Caboose" and "Arts"
Michael Maurer / Cheryl Ammeter Fred Holmes Jokes and Music Video ("Rock Like a Monkey") October 6, 2010
"The Magic Caboose": Barney and the kids board the magic caboose to take pretend trips to different countries.

"Arts": Barney introduces his friends to different forms of art at an art festival.

"Movement" and "Separation"
M.G. Hamilton / Karl Geurs Jim Rowley Jokes and Music Video ("Laugh With Me!") October 7, 2010
"Movement": Coach Baby Bop and BJ help Barney prepare for the sack race.
"Separation": After BJ and Riff leave for a camping trip, Baby Bop begins to have separation anxiety. So, Barney helps her figure out activities to pass the time.
"Pistachio" and "BJ's Snack Attack"
Stephen White / M.G. Hamilton Jim Rowley / Fred Holmes Jokes and Music Video ("Find the Numbers in Your House") October 8, 2010
"Pistachio": After Barney eats too many pistachios, his friends show him the imporance of eating them in moderation.

"BJ's Snack Attack": BJ's binge on junk food leads him to dream about a world with only junk food.

"Bop 'til You Drop" and "Sharing"
Jim Lewis Steven Feldman / Jim Rowley Jokes and Music Video ("Laugh With Me!") October 11, 2010
"Bop 'til You Drop": Baby Bop's friends give her a whistle to signal for them to play together. When she becomes too bossy, Barney teaches her the importance of being a good friend.
"Sharing": After Riff busts BJ's new scooter, he holds a rummage sale in order to buy a new one!
"Little Red Rockin' Hood" and "Differences"
Fred Holmes / Jim Lewis Fred Holmes Jokes and Music Video ("Rock Like a Monkey") October 12, 2010
"Little Red Rockin' Hood": Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, Riff, and the kids put on a twist on a classic fairy tale about how a wolf and a young girl combined their music together to form "Country Rock"
"Differences": When the kids leave a boy in a wheelchair out of their fun, Barney decides to let him know that he feels the same way sometimes.
"Butterflies" and "The Nature of Things"
Cheryl Ammeter / Michael Anthony Steele Fred Holmes "Boogie Woogie Piggy" Jokes and Music Video ("Boogie Woogie Piggy") October 13, 2010
"Butterflies": Baby Bop cares for a caterpillar that is going through metamorphosis.
"The Nature of Things": After Rachel makes a mess in the park, she dreams about how littering affects many animal homes.
"China" and "Welcome, Cousin Riff"
Michael Anthony Steele / Carter Crocker Jim Rowley / Fred Holmes Jokes and Music Video ("Find the Numbers in Your House") October 14, 2010
"China": BJ's Chinese Pen Pal visits the park.
"Welcome, Cousin Riff": Barney informs Baby Bop and BJ that their cousin Riff has moved into town!
"Rabbits" and "Listen!"
Michael Anthony Steele / Karl Geurs Fred Holmes / Jim Rowley Jokes and Music Video ("Boogie Woogie Piggy") October 15, 2010
"Rabbits": Detective BJ helps Baby Bop figure out which animal is eating her snacks.
"Listen!": Barney's friends help Detective Riff figure out where a strange noise is coming from.
"The Big Garden" and "Get Happy!"
Karl Geurs / Fred Holmes Jim Rowley / Fred Holmes Jokes and Music Video ("Laugh With Me!") October 18, 2010
"The Big Garden": Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, and the kids harvest crops in the park's garden.
"Get Happy!": Riff creates a device to make Olivia happy.
"Big as Barney" and "The Chase"
Karl Geurs / Jim Lewis Fred Holmes Jokes and Music Video ("I Hear Music Everywhere") October 19, 2010
"Big as Barney": After observing the positive impact Barney has on his friends, Ryan decides that he wants to act and look just like Barney.
"The Chase": After the kids fight over wanting to do the same thing, Barney tells them a Native American story that teaches to be yourself and not follow to the crowd.
"Playing Games" and "No, No, No!"
Carter Crocker / Cheryl Ammeter Jim Rowley / Fred Holmes Jokes and Music Video ("Find the Numbers in Your House") October 20, 2010
"Playing Games": Barney teaches Baby Bop the importance of following the rules when playing games with friends.
"No, No, No!": Baby Bop is fustrated about hearing "No" all the time. So, Barney tells her the story of Cinderella.
"The Emperor's Contest" and "The Whole Truth"
Charlotte Spivey / Fred Holmes Jim Rowley / Fred Holmes Jokes and Music Video ("I Hear Music Everywhere") October 21, 2010
"The Emperor's Contest": After Ryan thinks about cheating in a fishing contest, Barney tells him a story about how a boy became emperor by being honest.
"The Whole Truth": After BJ takes credit for Sarah's painting, Barney teaches him to always be honest with his friends.
"Seeing" and "Beethoven's Hear!"'
Stephen White / Charlotte Spivey Jim Rowley Jokes and Music Video ("Rock Like a Monkey") October 22, 2010
"Seeing": Baby Bop tries to convince to BJ and Riff that she had seen an elephant in the park.
"Beethoven's Hear!": After Riff wonders if he would still like music if he was deaf, Barney introduces one of the best deaf musicians of all time - Beethoven.
"Best in Show" and "Ducks and Fish"
Jim Lewis / Michael Anthony Steele Fred Holmes Jokes and Music Video ("Rock Like a Monkey") October 26, 2010
"Best in Show": Susan lets BJ enter her dog Pilgrim in a dog show!
"Ducks and Fish": Riff takes care of some baby duck eggs.
"The Shrinking Blankey" and "Things I Can Do"
Kayte Kuch / Hannah Hall Brian Mack / Fred Holmes Jokes and Music Video ("Boogie Woogie Piggy") October 27, 2010
"The Shrinking Blankey": Baby Bop is concerned that she may be outgrowing her blankey.
"Things I Can Do": After Baby Bop gets upset with the things she can do, Barney, Riff, and the kids help her find something else that she can do.
"Mother Goose" and "Fun with Reading"
Charlotte Spivey / Carter Crocker Fred Holmes / Jim Rowley Jokes and Music Video ("Boogie Woogie Piggy") October 28, 2010
"Mother Goose": Characters from The Land of Mother Goose come to the caboose in search for their lost things.
"Fun with Reading": After BJ gets an injury while playing Captain Pickles, Barney and the kids have fun with books. They even write their own story!
"The Blame Game" and "Airplanes"
Greg Sumner / Michael Anthony Steele Steven Feldman / Jim Rowley Jokes and Music Video ("Laugh With Me!") November 1, 2010
"The Blame Game": Marcos accidentally breaks Melanie's project and fears that she may not want to be his friend anymore. Barney teaches him that a good friend is an honest friend.
"Airplanes": Barney's friends are playing with airplanes in the park. BJ allows Riff to play with his airplane toy. When Riff rearranges the airplane parts, he fears that he may have broken BJ's toy.
"The New Kid" and "The Princess and the Frog"
Dean Stefan / Michael Anthony Steele Fred Holmes Jokes and Music Video ("Find the Numbers in Your House") November 2, 2010
"The New Kid": After Riff befriends a new kid, BJ fears that Riff is not his friend any more.

"The Princess and the Frog": After Baby Bop promises Ryan to watch his pet frog, Barney tells her the story of "The Princess and the Frog" to remind her to always keep her promises.



The episodes "Winter", "Welcome, Cousin Riff", "Things I Can Do", and "Airplanes" all have alternate endings that have the song "I Love You" sung instead of their past endings for this season.


When this season was included on streaming services as well as being featured on the official Barney YouTube channel, the link showcasing the PBS Kids website was removed during the end credits, given the fact of how PBS' broadcasting rights for the series expired in 2016. In the fall of 2017, this season was released to streaming on Kikiriki, the children's streaming channel of 9 Story Media Group. In 2021, this season became available to stream on many different streaming services, including FilmRise Streaming Network, Netflix,[2][3] Tubi, and as of March 2022, The Roku Channel.


Prototype logo for Barney & Friends S14

Prototype logo for the fourteenth season of Barney & Friends.

Barney Theme Song[]

  • The opening intro for this season shows the same walking animation from season seven through thirteen, but zoomed up slightly. After it forms (without the text), the rainbow transitions to the swirl, then it warps and shows a park.
  • The "Barney Theme Song" for this season was first seen on the home video "A-Counting We Will Go" before airing on television. It would later be used for some subsequent home videos released during the 2010s decade after the show's original ending.
  • The only season where the "Barney Theme Song" is shortened (not counting the international airings of seasons four through six which omitted the second and third verses).
  • Unlike the other dinos, Riff is only present in a brief scene for the theme song as he doesn't appear in any other new material for this season.


  • This season marked:
    • The only season to have the PBS Kids Website shown during the end credits as previous seasons showcased a link to the website after the closing segments.
    • The only season to have one "new" Barney song, that being "Boogie Woogie Piggy".
    • The only season to not include a closing segment unlike the previous seasons.
    • The only season to have the writers and directors credited for the new material alongside the other cast and crew members from the previous two seasons.
    • The final season where BJ is performed by Kyle Nelson for the new content only excluding the episode segments.



  • Some subsequent home videos that were released after the series' run (excluding the ones containing new material) use the exact same end credit sequence by extending the duration while having the end credit theme from this season play continuously (save for Barney's Worldwide Adventure!). However, the episode clips that are presented in small rainbow colored borders and the text saying Barney & Friends were removed.
  • The only episode from this season to be included on a home video release was "The Emperor's Contest" as it was featured on Story Time with Barney where the rainbow colored borders can be visibly seen in the background for the entire segment as the video itself was presented in its 4:3 full screen format.


  • International airings omit the joke segments but retain the music videos that were apart of the new content for this season. Also, the audio from the end credits from seasons seven through thirteen is used rather than using the one that was made exclusively for this season.
  • This was the only season of Barney & Friends to not be aired on Sprout unlike the previous seasons which have been broadcasted during the course of the show's run on the network from 2005-2015. Likewise, this season never aired on its successor Universal Kids either, thus making it the only season to air on PBS to not be on any other television network.
  • As this was the only season to air on PBS Kids to not be featured on any other television network in the US, it was the only way to watch an episode that was presented in its 4:3 full screen format as opposed to its 16:9 widescreen format.