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Season 3 of Barney & Friends aired from February 27 to October 6, 1995.





Guest Appearances


# Episode Written By Directed By New Barney Songs Original Airdate
"Shawn & The Beanstalk"
Mark S. Bernthal
Stephen White ("Jack and the Beanstalk" Story Adaption)
Bruce Deck The Raindrop Song February 27, 1995
Shawn's disappointment with a science project leads Barney and the children to explore the joys of nature, gardening, and caring for plants.
"If The Shoe Fits..."
IfTheShoeFits Episode.jpg
Mitch Lobrovich Bruce Deck I'm Glad I Have a Brother
We've Got Shoes
February 28, 1995
Baby Bop and BJ's desire for a new pair of shoes prompts Barney and the children to create a special gift that will make their old shoes seem new.
"Room For Everyone"
Mark Bernthal Bruce Deck None March 1, 1995
Barney helps the children create their favorite rooms in a house to cheer up Carlos, who must temporarily share his bedroom with his younger brother, Juan.
"I Can Be A Firefighter!"
Mitch Lobrovich Bruce Deck Here Comes the Firetruck
When I'm a Firefighter
March 2, 1995
Barney and the children have fun learning about fire safety from Firefighter Frank and his dog Chief.
"Shopping For A Surprise!"
Rebecca Self Snider Bruce Deck Gonna Have a Party
The Mail Song
March 3, 1995
After reading a story about a feast, the children decide to go shopping for all the items they will need to have a party for a surprise guest.
"Any Way You Slice It"
Mark S. Bernthal Bruce Deck Pumpernickel
Make the Bread
June 7, 1995
With a little help from Stella the Storyteller, the children decide to feature breads from around the world at their school's annual International Festival.
"Twice Is Nice!"
Rebecca Self Snider Bruce Deck The Baby Bop Hop
Friends of Mine
June 8, 1995
A scavenger hunt and a pair of fun-loving twins are the highlight of the day when Barney and his friends get together to play.
"On The Move"
Mark S. Bernthal Bruce Deck Our New School June 9, 1995
Barney, BJ, and the children welcome a new boy to their school, and they all work together to create a special present for some old friends who have recently moved to a different school.
"A Welcome Home"
Mitch Lobrovich Bruce Deck Someone to Love You Forever June 12, 1995
Barney and the children try to find someone to adopt a puppy needing a good home.
"Classical Cleanup"
Mark S. Bernthal Bruce Deck None June 13, 1995
When Baby Bop accidentally sets off a chain reaction resulting in a messy classroom, the children work cooperatively to help clean up, demonstrating how they are family helpers at home.
"Our Furry Feathered Fishy Friends"
Mark S. Bernthal Bruce Deck Let's Do the Tricks My Doggie Does
Let's Take Care of Our Pets
July 24, 1995
The children have brought their pets to school for "show n' tell." They have fun demonstrating how they care for their pets.
"Gone Fishing!"
Rebecca Self Snider Bruce Deck Big and Little July 25, 1995
Barney helps his friends learn the importance of taking turns while they all participate in a variety of under-the-sea activities.
"At Home With Animals"
Mitch Lobrovich Bruce Deck Hooray for Moms and Dads July 26, 1995
The threat of rain drives the children and Barney into the treehouse where they notice a bird's nest. This prompts curiosity about different animal homes.
"It's Raining, It's Pouring..."
Mark S. Bernthal Bruce Deck What Can We Play on a Rainy Day? July 27, 1995
When Barney and his friends are driven indoors by a rainstorm, a discussion about sheep is sparked while the children are sharing their favorite rainy-day activities. Special guest Tomie dePaola visits.
"Camera Safari"
Mitch Lobrovich Bruce Deck Jungle Adventure (Safari Version)
The Elephant Song
Here, Kitty Kitty
July 28, 1995
Baby Bop's confusion between a kitty cat and a tiger during a safari adventure presents an opportunity for Barney and his friends to discover the world of cats.
"Who's Who On The Choo Choo?"
Barney who's who on the choo choo.jpg
Mark S. Bernthal Bruce Deck Have a Snack! October 2, 1995
Barney and his friends miss seeing the trains that keep mysteriously passing through the playground. Stella the Storyteller arrives to tell a fun, familiar train story.
"Are We There Yet?"
Riding in Barney's Car.png
Mark S. Bernthal Bruce Deck Wash the Car October 3, 1995
The children surprise Barney by making a Barney-sized car for him from odds and ends. He takes them for a fun ride after running some interesting errands.
"Ship, Ahoy!"
Mitch Lobrovich Bruce Deck Let's Go On An Adventure October 4, 1995
Barney and his friends, with Stella the Storyteller's help, have a boating adventure that includes a faraway island and treasure.
"Hats Off To BJ!"
Mitch Lobrovich Bruce Deck BJ's Dance Thang
That's Hats
October 5, 1995
While the children are having fun creating a block town and playing with trucks, BJ's news of his lost hat sends Barney and the children on a search for the perfect hat for BJ.
"Up We Go!"
Mark S. Bernthal Bruce Deck My Kite
Hey, Look at Me! I Can Fly!
October 6, 1995
Barney and his friends are intrigued by several mysterious rhymes which appear attached to some flying object. BJ is in for a high-flying surprise himself, thanks to Barney!


The Cast and Crew

  • This season marked:
  • The first fifteen episodes were originally broadcasted with longer credits, similar to the first two seasons. Starting in September 1995, all episodes were re-edited to contain shorter credits. However, the UK airings of the last five episodes of this season as well as the US and Spanish releases of Riding In Barney's Car and the screener and Spanish versions of Barney's All Aboard For Sharing used the longer credits.
  • In a rare move, this is the first season to have an episode release on video before its TV premiere which was Are We There Yet? in which would be named Riding In Barney's Car.
  • The last five episodes of the season were broadcasted under the "Back to School with Barney" programming block. 
  • The Baby Bop and BJ costumes become shorter to represent their respective ages.
  • For this season, with the exception of Ship, Ahoy!Stella the Storyteller uses props to act out the stories. 
  • Kathy is no longer seen with her teddy bear.
  • The Barney Bag has been modified with a brighter look and this design of the bag would be used until Season 6.
  • Due to moving to a new studio, the entire set was reconstructed:
    • The playground is larger with a reconstructed playset. Instead of a bridge, the playset has a lookout tower. 
    • A treehouse with a porch was added. 
  • A new walking animation is used for the Barney & Friends logo.
  • Although the tire swing from the playground was removed after season 1, a promo shot featuring the Barney doll on a tire swing with a rainbow appearing above him on it is shown during the theme song for this season.
  • Filming for this season was originally scheduled for May 1994. But due to the lawsuit over the "I Love You" song, the production was pushed back to November 1994. 
  • This season was filmed at The Studios at Las Colinas in Irvin, Texas, and would continue to be produced there through Season 6. 
  • The production for this season began on November 1994 and ended on March 1995.
  • Initially, in the first draft for Barney's Great Adventure, All of the kids cast for this season, including Derek, appeared in the opening scene as cameos. Also, according to the original script, Marcella is Tosha's cousin. This scene probably got cut because, by the time they started filming, the cast was too old.