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Season 8 of Barney & Friends originally aired on "PBS" from September 15, 2003 to May 14, 2004.





Guest Appearances


# Total Image Title Writer Director Original Airdate
1 149 Afountainoffun.jpg "A Fountain of Fun" Stephen White Jim Rowley September 15, 2003
While waiting for a special fountain delivery, Barney and the children discover the delights of the park.

New Barney Songs: A Swing is a Beautiful Thing

2 150 Onagainoffagain.png "On Again, Off Again" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley September 16, 2003
While learning about on and off, Barney and his friends help Baby Bop costumes for her teddy bear.

New Barney Songs: None

3 151 Sharingiscaringepisode.jpg "Sharing Is Caring!" Michael Anthony Steele Ben Vaughn September 17, 2003
Mr. Boyd is holding a toy drive in the park. When Baby Bop is reluctant to donate her toys, Barney and his friends help teach her the importance of sharing.

New Barney Songs: The Sharing Hen

4 152 Herekittykitty.jpg "Here Kitty, Kitty!" Perri Verdino-Gates Martha W. Chang September 18, 2003
Barney and the children help Miss Jo find her cat, "Cody".

New Barney Songs: Lookie! It's a Cookie!

5 153 Onceuponafairytale.jpg "Once Upon A Fairy Tale" Cheryl Ammeter Fred Holmes September 19, 2003
Mario needs help writing his own fairy tale. To get some inspiration, Barney and his friends act out some of their favorite fairy tales.

New Barney Songs: None

6 154 Itshotitscold.jpg "It's Hot! It's Cold!" Michael Anthony Steele Fred Holmes September 26, 2003
Barney sets up an imaginary winter and summer wonderland in the park to help his friends learn the difference between cold and hot.

New Barney Songs: In the Kitchen

7 155 APPD.png "A Perfectly Purple Day" Perri Verdino-Gates Ben Vaughn October 3, 2003
Barney and the kids plan a special surprise party for Colleen using her favorite color: purple.

New Barney Songs: A Perfectly Purple Day

8 156 Dayandnight.jpg "Day and Night" Michael Anthony Steele Jim Rowley October 10, 2003
Beth explains to her friends about her recent sleepover. After the kids wish to see night time, Barney transforms the park from day to night.

New Barney Songs: None

9 157 Playpianowithme.jpg "Play Piano With Me!" Stephen White Fred Holmes October 17, 2003
Barney and his friends learn about pianos after finding Mr. Boyd and Bingo working on a player piano. Throughout the day, they learn about the different kinds of pianos.

New Barney Songs: PIANO

10 158 Apictureoffriendship.jpg "A Picture of Friendship" Michael Anthony Steele Ben Vaughn October 24, 2003
Barney and the children learn what it takes to be a good friend after accidentally hurting BJ's feelings for forgetting to add him in a drawing.

New Barney Songs: Gonna Play Baseball

11 159 Acountingwewillgoepisode.jpg "A-Counting We Will Go!" Cheryl Ammeter Jim Rowley May 3, 2004
Barney and the kids help Baby Bop learn how to count to 10 by taking her on a make-believe shopping trip in the caboose.

New Barney Songs: None

12 160 Alittlebigday.jpg "A Little Big Day" Cheryl Ammeter Fred Holmes May 4, 2004
Nick complains that he is the smallest of the group. From observing things in the park to a creative retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk, Barney and his friends discover everyone is special, regardless of size.

New Barney Songs: Toss It Out a Window

13 161 Aworldoffriends.jpg "A World of Friends" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley May 5, 2004
Barney and the children learn about different cultures by visiting booths in the parks' international festival.

New Barney Songs: None

14 162 Whosyourneighbor.jpg "Who's Your Neighbor?" Perri Verdino-Gates Jim Rowley May 6, 2004
A make-believe neighborhood in the caboose prompts Barney to teach the kids all about different community helpers.

New Barney Songs: None

15 163 Squaressquareseverywhere.jpg "Squares, Squares Everywhere" Stephen White Fred Holmes May 7, 2004
Barney and the kids help Nick find squares in the park for his homework assignment.

New Barney Songs: None

16 164 Letsgoforaride.jpg "Let's Go For A Ride!" Michael Anthony Steele Jim Rowley May 10, 2004
After learning about different kinds of road vehicles, the kids build a bus to take them to their favorite neighborhood spots.

New Barney Songs: None

17 165 Thatmakesmemad.jpg "That Makes Me Mad" Cheryl Ammeter Fred Holmes May 11, 2004
After certain situations leave Barney's friends angry, he helps them learn how to deal with negative emotions.

New Barney Songs: None

18 166 Itsyourbirthdaybarney.jpg "It's Your Birthday, Barney!" Stephen White Jim Rowley May 12, 2004
It's Barney's birthday, and his friends are throwing him a special surprise party for him.

New Barney Songs: I Love Birthdays

19 167 It'sshowtime.jpg "It's Showtime!" Perri Verdino-Gates Fred Holmes May 13, 2004
Barney and his friends plan a special talent show in the park.

New Barney Songs: I Can Be Anything, What If You Could Be in the Spotlight?

20 168 Athomeinthepark.jpg "At Home In The Park" Stephen White Jim Rowley May 14, 2004
Barney helps the children to learn about how animals make their homes in the park.

New Barney Songs: The Hopping Song



  • This season marked:
  • Despite the second half of the season airing in 2004, all 20 episodes were filmed and produced between 2002 and the first weeks of 2003.
  • When this season and Season 7 re-aired, they featured the "Barney... A Helping Hand for Growing Children" segment instead of Barney Says.
  • The only change in this season is the addition of Jackson and Mr. Brantley to the cast.
  • On July 29, 2016, this season was released on Amazon Instant Video, along with every episode from Seasons 9-13.
  • Production for this season began in March 2002 and ended in January 2003.