Season 9
Season 9, Episodes 169-188
Barney & Friends Season 7
Executive Producers Randy Dalton
Writers Stephen White
Mark S. Bernthal
Perri Verdino-Gates
Michael Anthony Steele
Cheryl Ammeter
Edward L. Rose
Jeanne Simpson
Stephanie Simpson
Directors Jim Rowley
Fred Holmes
Musical Directors Joe Phillips
Production Company HIT Entertainment
Connecticut Public Television
Season Premiere September 6, 2004
Season Finale May 13, 2005
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Season 9 of Barney & Friends aired on PBS from September 6, 2004-May 13, 2005.




Guest Appearances


# Total Image Title Writer Director Original Airdate
1 169 Everybodysgotfeelings "Everybody's Got Feelings" Stephen White Jim Rowley September 6, 2004
With Barney's help, the children learn all about feelings, especially feeling happy, sad, and angry

New Songs: Everybody's Got Feelings

2 170 Caringhearts "Caring Hearts" Stephen White Fred Holmes September 7, 2004
A special school project helps Barney and his friends learn all about love and relationships

New Songs: None

3 171 Letsmakemusicepisode "Let's Make Music!" Michael Anthony Steele Jim Rowley September 8, 2004
Barney and the kids learn about music, so they decide to make their very own marching band.

New Songs: None

4 172 Movin' along "Movin' Along" Michael Anthony Steele Jim Rowley September 9, 2004
Barney and the kids learn how they can move their bodies in different activities. 

New Songs: None

5 173 Letyourcreativityfly "Let Your Creativity Fly!" Cheryl Ammeter Fred Holmes September 10, 2004
The kids use their imagination to create their own airplane.

New Songs: None

6 174 Imaginethat "Imagine That!" Perri Verdino-Gates Jim Rowley September 13, 2004
By using their imagination, the kids turn Laura's picture into an island advnture!

New Songs: Captain Pickles

7 175 Allaboutme "All About Me" Cheryl Ammeter Jim Rowley September 14, 2004
Barney teaches the kids that they are all special through different activities.

New Songs: None

8 176 Mybabybrother "My Baby Brother" Cheryl Ammeter Jim Rowley September 15, 2004
After informing his friends that he has a new baby brother, David learns how to be a big brother.

New Songs: Baby Bop's Blankey

9 177 Keepontruckin "Keep On Truckin'" Mark S. Bernthal & Edward L. Rose Fred Holmes September 16, 2004
Barney and the kids have fun learning all about the different types of trucks!

New Songs: Make Way for the Truck

10 178 Imabuilderepisode "I'm A Builder" Mark S. Bernthal & Edward L. Rose Fred Holmes September 17, 2004
With a little imagination, the kids use boxes to build a castle for Princess Teddy!

New Songs: I'm a Builder

11 179 Comingonstrong "Coming On Strong" Stephen White Fred Holmes May 2, 2005
Barney and the kids learn how to grow big and strong through various activities.

New Songs: None

12 180 Letsplaygames "Let's Play Games!" Stephen White Fred Holmes May 3, 2005
Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, and the kids spend a whole day playing sports and games.

New Songs: When I'm Old Enough to Join the Team

13 181 Youcancountonmeepisode "You Can Count on Me!" Jeanne Simpson Jim Rowley May 4, 2005
Nick shows Barney and the kids his number cards that he and his mom had put together. He doesn't really think they're fun at first, but Barney shows him how numbers and counting can be lots of fun!

New Songs: None

14 182 Awonderfulworldofcolorsandshapes "A Wonderful World of Colors and Shapes" Michael Anthony Steele Jim Rowley May 5, 2005
By using their favorite colors and shapes, the kids make pictures for an art festival.

New Songs: None

15 183 Easyasabc "Easy as ABC" Cheryl Ammeter Jim Rowley May 6, 2005
Baby Bop invites her friends to a tea party. But when she doesn't know how to sign her name on the invitation, Barney and his friends help her spell her name.

New Songs: None

16 184 Lookwhaticando "Look What I Can Do!" Edward L. Rose Fred Holmes May 9, 2005
Barney and the kids are showing off the special things they can do in an "I Can Do Show".

New Songs: None

17 185 Makingamove "Making a Move!" Perri Verdino-Gates Fred Holmes May 10, 2005
After Anna moves into the neighborhood, Barney and Whitney shows her around the park, meet some of their friends, and play some games!

New Songs: None

18 186 Homesafehome "Home, Safe Home" Cheryl Ammeter Fred Holmes May 11, 2005
After Firefighter Bill comes to the park for a safety inspection, the kids decide they want to do a safety inspection too. So, Barney and the kids come up with different safety regulations for each room of a house.

New Songs: None

19 187 Ontheroadagain "On the Road Again" Stephen White Fred Holmes May 12, 2005
To help teach the kids about car safety, Barney allows his friends to play in his make-believe car. Meanwhile, BJ enters a go-kart race!

New Songs: Riding in a Race Car

20 188 Myfriendsthedoctorandthedentist "My Friends, The Doctor and the Dentist" Stephanie Simpson Jim Rowley May 13, 2005
Barney informs the kids the importance of regularly visiting the doctor and the dentist.

New Songs: None


Season 9 Cast


  • This season marked:
    • The first and only season in which Baby Bop and BJ appeared in every episode. 
    • The only season where Barney introduces viewers in a white background.
    • The 1st season not to include the Barney Says segment.
    • The first season appearances of David, Rachel and Laura.
    • The only apperances of Stacy and Miguel.
    • The final appearances of Whitney, Nick, and Kami.
  • In some episodes this season and Season 10, Barney sings "I Love You" by himself and in the second verse flashbacks are shown of kids hugging their friends and family.
  • When rerun on PBS Kids Sprout, this season would always be closed-captioned by Caption Technologies, Inc. It was formerly captioned by the Media Access Group at WGBH (a.k.a. the Caption Center WGBH Educational Foundation).
  • This is the only season where the episode titles don't appear on screen.
  • Despite the second half of the season airing in 2005, all 20 episodes were filmed and produced by 2004.
  • All the episodes of this season were remade and cut short to fifteen minutes in the UK. The UK versions of these episodes centered more around the dinosaurs.
  • On July 29, 2016, this season was released on Amazon Instant Video (along with Seasons 7 & 8 and 10-13).
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