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Shawn is a character that appeared in the first three seasons of Barney & Friends. He was portrayed by John David Bennett, II.

About Shawn[]

  • Family: In Barney Safety, it is revealed that Shawn has an uncle that works at a construction company.
  • Favorite Food: Birthday cake
  • Best Friend: Michael and Min
  • Dislikes: Shawn is allergic to animal hair. Shawn does not like drawing or painting.
  • Fears: Shawn used to be scared of dogs, due to being scratched by one.
Shawn (Live in New York)

Shawn (Live in New York)




  • Shawn is the only kid to have his name in an episode title.
  • Shawn is the only kid to appear in the premiere and finale of every season he appears in.
  • Shawn started wearing glasses in "Picture This!"; John David Bennett, II, Shawn's actor, never wore glasses outside of the show.