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"Shopping For A Surprise!" is the fifth episode of the third season of Barney & Friends.


Carlos reads the other kids a story about a party. They decide to have their own party and they make it a surprise for Barney. Barney hears about the party and she decides to go shopping for it. Baby Bop arrives and she decides to join in the fun by helping Barney with the shopping. After the shopping, the children start the party and Stella the Storyteller pays a visit to tell them a story about a boy who also went shopping like Barney and Baby Bop did. Carlos and Shawn bring out the surprise guest's party hat and Barney finds out that the party was for him to thank him for being the best friend anyone in the world could ever have.

Stories: "Feast For 10" / "Moo Moo, Cluck Cluck, Tweet Tweet Tweet"


  1. "Barney Theme Song"
  2. "Gonna Have a Party"
  3. "The Street Song"
  4. "The Mail Song"
  5. "Peanut Butter"
  6. "The Muffin Man"/"Hot Cross Buns"/"Pat-A-Cake"/"The Muffin Man (Reprise)"
  7. "The Rainbow Song"
  8. "Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-Dee-Ay"
  9. "Hello, Goodbye"
  10. "I Love You"



On the PBS Pledge Drive Version, "Hello, Goodbye" was not sung.



Behind the Scenes[]


  • This episode marked:
  • Juan was mentioned in this episode.
  • This episode reveals that Baby Bop's favorite food is macaroni and cheese (which is also Tina's favorite food)
  • The scene of Barney, Baby Bop, and the kids throwing confetti is shown in the "Barney Theme Song" in this season, but it is shown on a different angle, as well as an demo shot of Stella's entrance being shown in the opening sequence.
  • A scene from the episode was used in the Barney Buddies Club promotional advertisement which was frequently shown on numerous Barney Home Video releases from the late 90s/early 2000s.



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