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Skating, Skating
Debuted in Waiting for Santa
Written by Philip Parker
Usage 1990-1992
Winter's Wonderful
The Elves' Rap

Skating, Skating is a Barney song that first appeared in "Waiting for Santa". It uses the same tune as "Sailing, Sailing".


Skating, skating,
Over the frosty ice.
We're slipping around and having fun,
It makes us feel so nice.
Barney, Barney,
Be careful you do not fall.
Your legs are so short, your tail's so long.
Oh, now we've seen it all.
Gliding, gliding,
Crusing right along.
It's fun to skate and have such fun
And even sing a song.
Barney, Barney,
Now we've seen it all.
Your legs are so short, your tail's so long.
We've really had a ball.

Barney Song Used In...

  1. Waiting for Santa (1990) (first appearance)
  2. Four Seasons Day (1992) (last appearance)