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"Sleep Song" is an original Barney song that first appeared in "Doctor Barney Is Here!".


When the moon starts to shine, and it's almost bedtime,
I do certain things to get ready.
I put on my jammies and brush my teeth.
And I say "Good night" to my teddy.
And then I snuggle right in and close my eyes,
And think of my favorite song.
If I picture my friends and some of my toys,
I'll be asleep before long.
When the morning is here and my eyes start to clear,
Out of bed, I know I'll be leaping.
I'll feel all rested and ready to play,
But right now, it's time to be sleeping.
And then I snuggle right in and close my eyes,
And think of my favorite song.
If I picture my friends and some of my toys,
I'll be asleep before long.

Barney Song Used In...[]

  1. Doctor Barney Is Here!
  2. Barney's Sleepytime Songs


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