Barney & Friends Episode
Splish! Splash!
Season 7, Episode 19



Air date November 15, 2002
Written by Sandra J. Payne
Stephen White
Directed by Fred Holmes
Theme The Importance of Water
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"Splish! Splash!" is the nineteenth episode from the seventh season of Barney & Friends.


A "too hot" afternoon becomes a "totally cool" day when Barney introduces his friends to the wonderful world of water. A cool drink at a water fountain leads to a discussion that water is everywhere around them. Water is important for drinking and bathing, and it's fun for playing in - as Captain BJ proves with the help of his toy boat. Droopy flowers in the park get water from the kids, and hot kids get nice cool lemonade from Angela. As they listen to the watery sounds of an aquarium, they sing "The Fishing Song" and "If I Lived Under the Sea." The ultimate way to experience water is to get into the swim of things with a real swimming pool, which makes a big splash with the kids and is a good opportunity to review swimming safety rules. Water is everywhere, and fun is anywhere with Barney!



The Barney Doll and a watering can

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. It's a Fun, Fun Sunny Day!
  3. Splash and Sprinkle
  4. The Rainbow Song
  5. The Idea Song
  6. The More We Work Together
  7. Brushing My Teeth
  8. The Fishing Song
  9. If I Lived Under the Sea
  10. He Waded in the Water
  11. I Love You


Behind the Scenes


  • The working title for this episode was "Water, Water Everywhere"
  • In The Best of Barney, a clip from this episode was shown in the beginning. It was when Barney was jumping in the pool and as the clip faded, Barney fell in the pool, showing that the clip was a behind the scenes and the Barney (costume) actually fell. It might've been a blooper. This Barney video is the first time to feature one.
  • This episode might have used a different Barney costume for the pool scene.
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