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Stephen is a character who appeared in Seasons 3-6 of Barney & Friends. He was portrayed by Chase Gallatin.

About Stephen

  • Family: Lives with his dad, his stepmom, and his stepbrother. It is unknown what happened to his biological mom. Doesn't have any known aunts or uncles, but does have a grandmother.
  • Hobbies: Loves to play football. He also like to jump rope and play around trees
  • Favorite animal: Bear
  • Has trouble following instructions.
  • Doesn't like bees, because he had been get stung by a bee in the park
  • Can make foods and drinks, like pizza and lemonade
  • Started wearing glasses in the Season 6 episode, Excellent Exercise!
  • Is good at drawing.



  • Stephen never made an appearance with David played by Kenny Cooper, Julie, Juan, Shawn without glasses, or any of the Backyard Gang Kids (Derek, Michael, Luci and Tina).
  • Kathy is present in all of his Season 3 appearances.
  • Stephen is the second longest kept character. The longest kept character was David in Happy Mad Silly Sad.


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