Storytime with Barney is a series that was released in 1996. The cassettes, in a way, were a continuation of the Bedtime with Barney radio show, as many stories featured on them were also read on the show. There are 4 volumes on cassette. The first two were released in 1996, while volumes 3 & 4 were released in 1998 with crayons and an activity book. Volumes 1 & 2 were also re-released in 1998 with the books and crayons. Each volume contains 6 stories and also features the "Storytime with Barney" song. Each tape included at least one original Barney story. The stories are as follows:

Volume 1

  1. The Three Little Pigs
  2. Jump Jump Jump
  3. Johnny Appleseed
  4. Chicken Little
  5. The Cricket & The Mouse
  6. Roly Poly Rice Ball

Volume 2

  1. Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  2. The Queen's Contest
  3. Just One More Thing
  4. The Gingerbread Boy
  5. Carrot Tops & Carrot Bottoms
  6. The Ugly Duckling

Volume 3

  1. Three Billy Goats Gruff
  2. The Giants
  3. Tug of War
  4. City Mouse & Country Mouse
  5. Billy and the Spoon
  6. Pig Tales

Volume 4

  1. The Lion and the Mouse
  2. The King's Minstrel
  3. The Walnut Tree
  4. The Little Porridge Pot
  5. The Turtle & The Beaver
  6. The Big Cheese


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