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Susana Alejandra Moreno Garza (born May 22, 1991) is a Mexican dubbing actress, currently known for being the voice of Iris in Pokémon Best Wishes!, Birch Small in Mi vida y yo and Apple Bloom in My Little Pony: La magia de la amistad.

She entered dubbing at the end of 1999 by the hand of her uncle, also an actor and dubbing director, Eduardo Garza, who asked her to record a loop, because the actress who originally called, Lourdes Moreno, Susana's sister, could not show up for the recording that day.

It was not until 2005 that she began to dedicate herself fully to dubbing, the same year in which she had her first call with Pedro D'Aguillón Jr.

She was the voice of Olivia in Barney y Sus Amigos.