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# Total Image Title Writer Director Original Airdate
1 1 The Queen of Make-Believe.jpg "The Queen Of Make Believe" Stephen White Jim Rowley April 6, 1992
Min pretends to be the Queen of Make-Believe and wishes for a day of fun. From a tea party to a animal parade, Barney shows the kids that imagination can make any day more fun.

New Barney Songs: The Barney Bag, Animal Parade

2 2 A Scene from My Family's Just Right for Me.jpg "My Family's Just Right For Me" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley April 7, 1992
With the school's 'Family Night' fast approaching, the kids are excited to show Barney all the fun activities that are planned. But when Kathy feels that her family is too small, Barney reassures her that size doesn't matter when it comes to family, only the love they share together.

New Barney Songs: Riding in the Car, The Sister Song, My Family's Just Right For Me

3 3 Playing it Safe.PNG "Playing It Safe" Stephen White Jim Rowley April 8, 1992
Officer Barney helps the kids learn about important safety rules. The kids perform 'Little Red Riding Hood' to teach Baby Bop about strangers.

New Barney Songs: The Traffic Light Song, Buckle Up My Seatbelt, Walk Across the Street, The Stranger Song

4 4 Barney hop to it.jpg "Hop To It!" Stephen White Jim Rowley April 9, 1992
Tina is sad because she can't do a basketball trick that her sister Luci can. Throughout the day of fun exercise routines and games, Barney shows Tina that she can do lots of exercises by herself.

New Barney Songs: Tina's Sad Song, Our Friend Barney, The Clapping Song, The Exercise Song, Move Your Body, Shape Up Freeze, Animals in Motion

5 5 Eatdrinkandbeahealthy.jpg "Eat, Drink And Be Healthy!" Stephen White Jim Rowley April 10, 1992
After Shawn decides to give his carrots away to his friends, Barney talks to him about the importance of healthy food. Luci tells a story about a boy who ate only noodles. A discussion of the different food groups and a sing along by James Turner leads Shawn to trying carrots.

New Barney Songs: Mish Mash Soup, The Milk Song, Snackin' on Healthy Food

6 6 Fourseasonsday.jpg "Four Seasons Day" Stephen White Jim Rowley April 13, 1992
Barney informs the children that it is 'Four Seasons Day': a make-believe special day in which weather from all four seasons appears all in one day. Barney and the kids discuss the different changes that occur throughout each of the four seasons.

New Barney Songs: Four Seasons Day, If It Never Ever Rained Again, The Fall Song

7 7 Thetreasureofrainbowbeard.jpg "The Treasure Of Rainbow Beard" Stephen White Jim Rowley April 14, 1992
A secret treasure map leads Barney and his friends to search for Rainbow Beard's treasure. The clues throughout the map have the kids search for different colors and shapes on the playground and in the classroom.

New Barney Songs: Painting the Shapes, The Rainbow Song

8 8 Goingplaces.png "Going Places!" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley April 15, 1992
Barney takes the kids on a pretend airplane trip to "Imagination City". While there, Barney and his friends explore different transportation methods.

New Barney Songs: The Airplane Song

9 9 Caringmeanssharing.jpg "Caring Means Sharing" Stephen White Jim Rowley April 16, 1992
After Min and Kathy fight over who gets to play with Barney, Barney teaches them that sharing is the best way to have fun.

New Barney Songs: Taking Turns

10 10 Downonbarneysfarm.jpg "Down On Barney's Farm" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley April 17, 1992
After painting farm animals at school, the kids wish that they could see some real farm animals. So, Barney brings them to a make-believe farm, where his friend Farmer Henderson brings his own farm animals.

New Barney Songs: None

11 11 Whatsthatshadow.jpg "What's That Shadow?" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley April 20, 1992
A thunderstorm at the school leads the kids to talk about things that scare them. By making silly monster masks and telling stories, the kids soon learn that the things that scare them aren't really that scary.

New Barney Songs: The Shadow Song, I Used to Be Afraid

12 12 Happy Birthday Barney.jpg "Happy Birthday, Barney!" Stephen White Jim Rowley April 21, 1992
It's Barney's Birthday, and the kids are throwing him a special party. Kathy can't decide on what to give to Barney, so she gives him her special teddy. Barney explains to her that the gift of love is the best birthday present of all. All of Barney's friends drop by to celebrate his special day.

New Barney Songs: Growing, Frosting the Cake

13 13 Alphabetsoup.jpg "Alphabet Soup!" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley April 22, 1992
Derek has a special mystery word for his friends to figure out. The kids play games and sing songs that are related to each letter of the mystery word.

New Barney Songs: The N Game, Alphabet Soup

14 14 Ourearthourhome.jpg "Our Earth, Our Home" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley April 23, 1992
A day of cleaning up the playground leads to a discussion about the ways people can protect the earth.

New Barney Songs: Brushing My Teeth, Simple and Beautiful a Rainbow

15 15 51SCJWQPEPL SL500 AA280 .jpg "Let's Help Mother Goose!" Stephen White Jim Rowley April 24, 1992
After a bookworm eats pages from Mother Goose's book, Barney and his friends help recite their favorite Mother Goose rhymes to help her rewrite the book.

New Barney Songs: Mother Goose, Please Appear; I'm Mother Goose

16 16 Beafriend.jpg "Be A Friend" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley April 27, 1992
New student Tosha is feeling sad because she doesn't have any friends. After Barney introduces her to some of his friends, the kids think of activities that friends can do together. Meanwhile, Derek and Michael fight over who gets to keep a special picture that they both collaborated on.

New Barney Songs: The Friendship Song

17 17 Ijustlovebugs.jpg ""I Just Love Bugs"" Stephen White Jim Rowley April 28, 1992
Tina's fascination with insects leads the kids to explore the different types of bugs that inhabit the planet. The kids make some special spiderweb pictures, and Barney reveals his favorite bug.

New Barney Songs: Twinkle Little Lightning Bug

18 18 Whenigrowup1.jpg "When I Grow Up..." Stephen White Jim Rowley April 29, 1992
The kids are pretending to be grown-ups with their own careers. However, Shawn is upset because he doesn't want to grow up. Barney shows Shawn and his friends all sorts of different, exciting careers.

New Barney Songs: The Career March, When I Grow Up, People Helping Other People, The Waitress Song

19 19 12345senses.jpg "1-2-3-4-5 Senses!" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley April 30, 1992
Luci introduces her blind-friend Patty to Barney and the other kids. Barney provides the kids with special activities to help them discover how each of our five senses help us view the world.

New Barney Songs: The Five Senses Song

20 20 Practicemakesmusic.jpg "Practice Makes Music" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley May 1, 1992
Michael is nervous because he has to play 'London Bridge' on his cello at a school concert and has been unsuccessful. Barney's friend Greg Murray comes by to play the piano and explain that making music takes a lot of practice. From a marching band to dancing to different types of music, everyone discovers the delights of music.

New Barney Songs: The Marching Song

21 21 Hineighbor.jpg "Hi, Neighbor!" Stephen White Bruce Deck May 4, 1992
The kids are pretending to be explorers, wishing that they could go to a faraway place. Barney explains to them that they can explore their very own neighborhood. The kids decide to set up their favorite place in the neighborhood.

New Barney Songs: Lookin' Round My Neighborhood

22 22 Acampingwewillgo.jpg "A Camping We Will Go!" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley May 5, 1992
Barney takes his friends on a make-believe camping trip. On the trip, everyone discusses about their favorite things to do while camping. Luci tells a scary, silly story.

New Barney Songs: We Like Rocks, Scary Stories

23 23 ASplashPartyPlease.jpg "A Splash Party, Please" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley May 6, 1992
An afternoon picnic provides the perfect opportunity for Barney to teach the kids all about manners. After the picnic, Barney has some special water activities for his friends.

New Barney Songs: Swingin' up to the Stars, Please and Thank You, Splashin' in the Bath

24 24 Carnivalofnumbers.jpg "Carnival Of Numbers" Stephen White Jim Rowley May 7, 1992
Barney transforms the playground and classroom into a carnival, filled with games and rides that utilize numbers.

New Barney Songs: Carnival Of Numbers, Number Limbo

25 25 Aworldofmusic.jpg "A World Of Music" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley May 8, 1992
Barney takes his friends around the world to meet some of his friends and hear the country's music.

New Barney Songs: None

26 26 Doctorbarneyishere.jpg "Doctor Barney Is Here!" Stephen White Jim Rowley May 11, 1992
Kathy is sad because she is afraid of going to the doctor. Doctor Barney takes her through a make-believe doctor check-up to show her that the going to the doctor is easy. The kids also discuss different ways to stay healthy.

New Barney Songs: The Doctor is a Friend of Mine, The Sleep Song

27 27 Ohwhataday.jpg "Oh, What A Day!" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley May 12, 1992
After losing her family's cat, Tina is having a terrible day. Barney explains to the kids how to deal with negative emotions and how to brighten any terrible situation.

New Barney Songs: This Is Not My Day, Pretty Kitty Blues, It's OK to Cry, When I Get Mad

28 28 Homesweethomes.jpg "Home Sweet Homes" Stephen White Jim Rowley May 13, 1992
With some help from pictures drawn by other students, Barney and his friends discuss the different types of homes for people and animals. The kids act out the story of the 'Three Little Pigs'

New Barney Songs: That's a Home to Me, If I Lived Under the Sea

29 29 Holamexico.png "Hola, Mexico!" Mark S. Bernthal Bruce Deck May 14, 1992
Luci is sad because she missed her grandfather's birthday fiesta. So, Barney and the kids throw a fiesta of their own, filled with special mexican traditions.

New Barney Songs: The Fiesta Song, A La Derecha, Tortilla Song, Piñata Song

30 30 Everyoneispecial.jpg "Everyone Is Special" Stephen White Jim Rowley May 15, 1992
Through the help of his special surprise package, Barney shows his friends that each one of them is special in many different ways.

New Barney Songs: None