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# Total Image Title Writer Director Original Airdate
1 229 Waytogo.jpg "Way to Go!: A Travel Adventure" Michael Anthony Steele Steven Feldman September 15, 2008
Daniel explains to everybody how he and his family will use different modes of transportation on their vacation. With some imagination, Barney and his friends create cars, planes, a city bus, and a sailing ship.

New Barney Songs: None

2 230 Themisbegottenmoon.jpg "The Misbegotten Moon: A Space Adventure" Debbie Boyle Perry Steven Feldman September 16, 2008
After noticing parts of the moon are missing in the sky, Baby Bop is determined to find the rest of it. Barney and the kids take her to outer space.

New Barney Songs: Mr. Moon

3 231 Theswordinthesandbox.jpg "The Sword in the Sandbox: A Storybook Adventure" Douglas Booth Brian Mack September 17, 2008
Because of his small size, Daniel is reluctant to jump rope with the bigger kids. So, Barney tells him a story about how an ordinary chef became the king of the land.

New Barney Songs: None

4 232 Rifftotherescue.jpg "Riff to the Rescue!: A Wild West Adventure" Mark Valenti Brian Mack September 18, 2008
After Riff is reluctant to be a captain of a baseball team, Barney tells him the story of how his great-great grandfather, Riffle, saved his town from never singing again!

New Barney Songs: None

5 233 Lightscameraaction.jpg "Lights! Camera! Action!: A Movie Adventure" Fred Holmes Steven Feldman September 19, 2008
To help raise canned goods for Grace's food drive, Melanie decides to make a movie with all of her friends.

New Barney Songs: I Love Stories

6 234 Tocatchathief.jpg "To Catch a Thief: A Mystery Adventure" Michael Maurer Steven Feldman September 22, 2008
Someone is taking all the park's balls, so Detective BJ is on the case. However, when he falsely accuses Riff as the ball thief, he learns that one needs to know the whole story before making a decision.

New Barney Songs: None

7 235 Themagiclamp.jpg "The Magic Lamp: A Travel Adventure" Halim Jabbour Fred Holmes September 23, 2008
Layla is celebrating her birthday with all her friends. Her mom brings traditional Lebanese food and gives her some family heirlooms past down from generation to generation. However, Layla is not very excited or interested. So, Barney takes her to Lebanon to show Layla her culture.

New Barney Songs: None

8 236 Theamazingcaptainpickles.jpg "The Amazing Captain Pickles: A Hero Adventure" Karl Geurs Steven Feldman September 24, 2008
Thinking he can beat out Wonder Princess (Baby Bop), Captain Pickles (BJ) claims he can jump over the moon. Barney teaches him to always tell the truth.

New Barney Songs: The Superhero Song

9 237 Agameforeveryone.jpg "A Game for Everyone: A Sports Adventure" Jim Lewis Fred Holmes September 25, 2008
Barney sets up a sports day in the park. Baby Bop encourages a special needs child to join the fun.

New Barney Songs: None

10 238 Thereluctantdragon.jpg "The Reluctant Dragon: A Fairy Tale Adventure" Michael Maurer Fred Holmes September 26, 2008
After the kids judge a spider by its creepy looks, Barney tells them a story about how a shepard became friends with a dragon, who was judged by her appearance.

New Barney Songs: I Look a Little Scary, But I'm Not