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# Total Image Title Writer Director Original Airdate
1 129 Allaboard.jpg "All Aboard!" Stephen White Jim Rowley September 2, 2002
After feeling left behind, Kami is made "conductor of the day" by Barney and his friends. By learning about the role of the conductor, the kids learn the importance of the caboose on a train.

New Barney Songs: The Idea Song, The Caboose Rides in the Back

2 130 Updownandaround.jpg "Up, Down and Around!" Perri Verdino-Gates Jim Rowley September 3, 2002
While thinking of ways to get Tony's kite down from a tree, Barney and his friends learn all about things that go up and down.

New Barney Songs: Up Is Up and Down Is Down

3 131 Tearifficmanners.jpg "Tea-riffic Manners" Ellis Weiner Ben Vaughn September 4, 2002
Barney and his friends throw a tea party outside in the park.

New Barney Songs: None

4 132 Puppylove.jpg "Puppy Love" Sandra J. Payne Fred Holmes September 5, 2002
Barney and his friends learn all about different kinds of dogs. Mr. Boyd takes Bingo to the Vet.

New Barney Songs: None

5 133 Bunchesofboxes.jpg "Bunches of Boxes" Stephen White Jim Rowley September 6, 2002
Barney receives of special delivery of empty boxes. With some imagination, the kids transform the boxes into special toys.

New Barney Songs: None

6 134 Stopgo.jpg "Stop! Go!" Mark S. Bernthal Fred Holmes September 9, 2002
Baby Bop's curiosity of some 'stop and go' signs leads Barney and his friends to think of ways to stop and go.

New Barney Songs: None

7 135 Redyellowblue.jpg "Red, Yellow and Blue!" Jocelyn Stevenson Jim Rowley September 10, 2002
Barney helps his friends find red, yellow, and blue items to put into the caboose's color collection.

New Barney Songs: None

8 136 Playforexercise.jpg "Play for Exercise!" Michael Anthony Steele Fred Holmes September 11, 2002
Barney and his friends spend the day exercising and playing games. When it begins to rain, they think of ways to exercise while indoors.

New Barney Songs: Run, Run in One Place

9 137 Comeblowyourhorn.jpg "Come Blow Your Horn!" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley September 12, 2002
Angela is struggling to learn how to play the trumpet. Mr. Boyd introduces the kids to different types of horns. Mr. Boyd's band members come to the park for a band practice.

New Barney Songs: Music Is For Everyone

10 138 Anewfriend.jpg "A New Friend" Stephen White Fred Holmes September 13, 2002
Mr. Boyd introduces Barney and the kids to his niece Colleen. Barney teaches the kids how to meet new friends.

New Barney Songs: I'm a Happy Helper

11 139 Numbersnumbers.jpg "Numbers! Numbers!" Michael Anthony Steele Jim Rowley September 20, 2002
Barney and his friends go on a number hunt to help Tony retrieve his homemade numbers.

New Barney Songs: The Pudding Song

12 140 Thiswayinthiswayout.jpg "This Way In! This Way Out!" Michael Anthony Steele Fred Holmes September 27, 2002
Baby Bop's chrysalis and Angela's turtle lead Barney and his friends to do "In and Out" activities.

New Barney Songs: In and Out the Circle

13 141 Springintofun.jpg "Spring Into Fun!" Mark S. Bernthal Jim Rowley October 4, 2002
Barney and the kids learn about the delightful season of Spring.

New Barney Songs: Patter of the Rain, Bubbles, The Duckies Do

14 142 Playitsafe.jpg "Play It Safe!" Stephen White Ben Vaughn October 11, 2002
Barney teaches his friends important safety rules. After feeling tired of being told to be careful, BJ learns that saying "be careful" truly means I Love You!

New Barney Songs: None

15 143 Threelinesthreecorners.jpg "Three Lines, Three Corners" Sandra J. Payne Fred Holmes October 18, 2002
Barney and the kids look around the park to find triangles. Barney takes the kids on a camping trip for more "triangle" fun.

New Barney Songs: Shapes, It's a Wonderful World of Shapes

16 144 Aparadeofbikes.jpg "A Parade of Bikes" Perri Verdino-Gates Ben Vaughn October 25, 2002
Mr. Boyd helps fix Nick's bike in time for the park's bike parade. Barney teaches his friends all about bike safety.

New Barney Songs: None

17 145 Itsahappyday.jpg "It's a Happy Day!" Stephen White Ben Vaughn November 1, 2002
Beth creates happy day: a special holiday in which each friend makes a wish and the others try to make it come true. When Beth hurts herself, BJ learns the importance of doing good deeds for others.

New Barney Songs: None

18 146 Myfamilyandme.jpg "My Family and Me" Michael Anthony Steele Jim Rowley November 8, 2002
Barney throws a special picnic for his friends and their families. Each kid had brought a family treasure to show Barney.

New Barney Songs: Me and My Family

19 147 Splishsplash.jpg "Splish! Splash!" Sandra J. Payne & Stephen White Fred Holmes November 15, 2002
On a hot summer day, Barney and his friends think of ways to stay cool.

New Barney Songs: Splash and Sprinkle

20 148 BJsreallycoolhouse.jpg "BJ's Really Cool House" Stephen White Jim Rowley November 22, 2002
BJ builds his own house in the park. While waiting to see the house, Barney and his friends discuss different rooms in a house. When BJ forgets to include space for Baby Bop in his house, Barney reminds him that family makes a house a home.

New Barney Songs: My Very Cool House