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The Adventure Screen is a segment that appeared in the Barney franchise from 1995 up to 2000.

The Adventure Screen was originally a real TV set that had to be turned on manually when it debuted in Season 3. In the show's first appearance, "Shawn & the Beanstalk", Barney told them that it was more than a TV. In Camp WannaRunnaRound, it was changed to a square CGI image like The Backyardigans that carried the video that Barney was showing to the children, and featured a cloudy sky border. On the screener version of said video, it was rounder, smaller, and also had a rainbow and a cloud around it.


  1. A Trip to the Plant Store (Shawn & the Beanstalk) (first appearance)
  2. A Trip to the Fire Station (I Can Be A Firefighter!) (Reused in Barney Safety)
  3. A Trip Under the Sea (Gone Fishing!)
  4. Different Animal Homes (At Home With Animals)
  5. Different Types of Cats (Camera Safari)
  6. Different Types of Trucks (Hats Off to BJ!)
  7. Universal Studios Orlando (A Day in the Park with Barney)
  8. National Parks (Camp WannaRunnaRound)
  9. A Trip to the Pet Store (Pennies, Nickels, Dimes)
  10. Going To The Post Office (Waiting For Mr. MacRooney)
  11. A Trip to a Construction Site (Let's Build Together)
  12. All About X-Rays (A Picture of Health)
  13. Different Types of Bears (Going On A Bear Hunt)
  14. Different Types of Trees (Tree-Mendous Trees)
  15. Windy Activities (Easy, Breezy Day!)
  16. A Trip to the Pond (Once A Pond A Time)
  17. A Trip to a Dairy Farm (E-I-E-I-O)
  18. Types of Safety Officials (Safety First!)
  19. Lives of Modern Cowboys (Howdy, Friends!)
  20. A Trip to the Bee Farm (Sweet As Honey)
  21. Uses for Computers (A Very Special Mouse)
  22. Food from the Farm to Grocery Stores (Snack Time!)
  23. African Animals (Who's Who At The Zoo?)
  24. Going to the Dentist Office (Brushing Up On Teeth)
  25. All About Firefighters (Here Comes The Firetruck!)
  26. History of the Airplane (Ready, Set, Go!) (last appearance)


  • In the Season 4 home video Barney in Outer Space, there is a segment called "The View Screen" segment, which was an alternative to The Adventure Screen. In this segment, Barney and the kids look at their spaceship's view screen and learn about astronauts.