The Backyard Show (Book)
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Author Sheryl Leach
Kathy Parker
Publication date 1988
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Three Wishes
The Backyard Show is a book based on the first episode of the same name of Barney & the Backyard Gang. This book was written by Sheryl Leach & Kathy Parker.


Amy and Michael want to surprise their dad for his birthday. With the Backyard Gang in doubt, there's no way the show can be produced quickly (or, so they think). Fortunately, Barney the Dinosaur comes to life, and encourages the kids to use their imaginations to help make the show a reality. Along the way, they sing songs and recite rhymes that are later sung in the birthday show.



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    Towards the end of the book, it gives us vital statistics of Barney. Some of those statics are his birth place, which is Dallas, Texas (hint to where Barney began), his admiration, which is Barney's grandfather Tyrannosaurus Rex, and his age is Timeless (even though in Happy Birthday, Barney!, Barney says he's 200 Million Years old).
  • The cover of this book was seen in Barney's Favorite Memories, a Bonus Feature of The Best of Barney, although Barney referred to it as a poster.
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